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Bathroom Locks And Their Security Features

Security Features For Your Bathroom Lock With A Top-Level Houston Locksmith If you need to replace your old bathroom lock, you may want to know what type of lock you should buy. There are so many types of locks, that choosing the best one can become a complex problem to solve. This article helps you...Read More

Local Locksmith Removes A Broken Key From Your Lock Pt1

Local Locksmith - Removing a Broken Key Have you ever put your key into your door lock, turned it and the key breaks in half in the lock? If so, you know the scary and sick feeling that you feel when it happens. Unfortunately, keys breaking off in a lock can occur and often occurs...Read More

Locked Yourself Out? We’ll Get You Back In Pt3

What To Do If You Lock Your Keys In Your Car 3. Getting The Help That You Need When You Are Locked Out Today's vehicles are designed with security in mind, which means that they are extremely difficult to get into when they are locked. If you accidentally lock yourself out, you will most likely...Read More

Locked Yourself Out? We’ll Get You Back In Pt1

How to Get Back Into Your Vehicle After Locking the Keys Inside Of It If you have accidentally left your keys inside the vehicle, you may not know what to do. The first thing you should do is think of how this situation happened in the first place. It makes more sense to figure out...Read More

Locked Yourself Out? We’ll Get You Back In Pt3

What To Do If You Lock Your Keys In Your Car 3. Getting The Help That You Need When You Are Locked Out Today's vehicles are designed with security in mind, which means that they are extremely difficult to get into when they are locked. If you accidentally lock yourself out, you will most likely...Read More

Locked Yourself Out? We’ll Get You Back In Pt2

Getting Back Into Your Car After Locking Yourself Out The next thing you should do when you are locked out of your car is look for an additional set of keys that you might have available to use. Do you already have more than one key for your vehicle? If you have an extra key...Read More

Locked Yourself Out? We’ll Get You Back In Pt1

How to Get Back Into Your Vehicle After Locking the Keys Inside Of It If you have accidentally left your keys inside the vehicle, you may not know what to do. The first thing you should do is think of how this situation happened in the first place. It makes more sense to figure out...Read More

Locked Yourself Out? We’ll Get You Back In Pt2

Getting Back Into Your Car After Locking Yourself Out The next thing you should do when you are locked out of your car is look for an additional set of keys that you might have available to use. Do you already have more than one key for your vehicle? If you have an extra key...Read More

Learn How To Remove Key Remains With Pop-A-Lock Houston

Getting Rid A Broken Key Remains Explained By A Houston Locksmith Jiggle The Key Gently And Slowly It might sound overly simplistic, but quite often people yank on their key as hard as they can in frustration when it would more effective to calmly jiggle it. Before doing anything too drastic, simply gently wiggle the...Read More

Local Locksmith Removes A Broken Key From Your Lock Pt4

Part 4 - Removing a Broken Key From Your Lock 7. Grab a Pair of Tweezers - Many people immediately grab a pair of tweezers to remove a broken key from a lock; however, if you aren't careful, they can worsen your situation. You want a pair of tweezers that are thin enough to slide...Read More

Local Locksmith Removes A Broken Key From Your Lock Pt3

Local Locksmith Gives Nine Methods to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock 4. The Probe and Pull Method - This method uses two everyday household objects to remove a broken key from your lock. The probe and pull method is a great option if you have the necessary tools. Luckily, these objects are often...Read More

Local Locksmith Removes A Broken Key From Your Lock Pt2

Local Locksmith Gives Nine Methods to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock 1. Professional Key Extractor Tools - A key can break off in a lock at any time, which is why there is a specialized tool to help remove a broken key from a lock. Most people do not own one of these...Read More

Local Locksmith Removes A Broken Key From Your Lock Pt1

Local Locksmith - Removing a Broken Key Have you ever put your key into your door lock, turned it and the key breaks in half in the lock? If so, you know the scary and sick feeling that you feel when it happens. Unfortunately, keys breaking off in a lock can occur and often occurs...Read More

Houston Locksmiths Tell Us 9 Best Front Door Locks Pt6

The Best Front Door Locks From Houston Area Locksmiths Pt6 The Abloy Protec2 is perhaps one of the most secure locks available in terms of deterring forced entry and lock picking resistance. It has been created with hoarding the steel that limits the opportunities to mark up the faceplate as well as allowing a drill...Read More

Houston Locksmiths Tell Us 9 Best Front Door Locks Pt5

9 Best Front Door Locks From Houston Area Locksmiths Pt5 Mortise locks have different construction than standard rim cylinder deadbolts. This kind of lock cylinder may be threaded into the lock body, and that slips into a rectangular-shaped pocket that is pre-cut in the door. It is easy to replace and remove these cylinders without...Read More

Houston Locksmiths Tell Us 9 Best Front Door Locks Pt4

The Best Front Door Locks From Houston Locksmiths   5. BiLock Made by an Australian manufacturer, the BiLock features a very innovative design. From its U-shaped keyway and look of its key, you can tell that the lock interacts with two different sidebars and sets of pins. That doubles how many pins have to be...Read More

Houston Locksmiths Tell Us 9 Best Front Door Locks Pt3

The Best Front Door Locks From Houston Locksmiths Top Front Door Deadbolt Locks Deadbolt locks play an essential part in securing buildings/structures. People mostly focus on deadbolts when looking for top locks to be used in securing their front door. The locks feature an extending bolt that goes into a hole drilled right into the...Read More

Houston Locksmiths Tell Us 9 Best Front Door Locks Pt1

9 Best Locks From Residential Houston Locksmiths Locks are very important and this is a fact. they not only help protect our property but also increase beauty due to the availability of many designs. Generally, having the best front door lock will go a long way to helping you achieve the highest level of protection....Read More

Houston Locksmiths Tell Us 9 Best Front Door Locks Pt2

9 Best Locks From Residential Houston Locksmiths 2. The August Smart Lock In the list of locks that can’t be picked, this is definitely one of the top entries. This is mainly due to the fact that similar to any one of the Yale smart lock keyless versions, it has no keyway. Unfortunately, like a...Read More

Becoming A Professional Houston Locksmith Part II

Steps For Becoming A Locksmith Part II If you want to be a Certified Registered Locksmith, you need to pass an exam, in order to prove your knowledge in ten categories of skills. These categories are mandatory and they include professional lock opening techniques, cylinder servicing, and code equipment among many others. How Long Does It...Read More

Becoming A Professional Houston Locksmith Part I

Steps For Becoming A Locksmith Part I Locksmiths work with safes and locks to offer various services to customers that relate to those items. A locksmith can help a customer select locks for their business or home, repair malfunctioning locking devices and locks, rekey locks, cut keys to use for locks, and install locks. Also, locksmiths assist...Read More

Keyless Entry Facts From Your Houston Auto Locksmith

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Remote Keyless Entry System A remote keyless entry system is one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle. This system makes it possible to unlock and lock your car from a distance without necessarily having to use a key. The transmitter is capable of sending...Read More

Replacing Your Car Key With Houston’s Best Locksmith

How To Get A Replacement Car Key It can be incredibly frustrating to lose your car keys. If you lose your car keys, first try to find them and then call a local locksmith to find out whether they can make a replacement key for your car. Car key replacement can be a frustrating and...Read More

Contact Our Locksmith In Houston For Help

How You Can Open A Locked Interior Door When You Lose The Key If a lot of the interior doors in your home have locks on them, you are going to lose the key at some point or lock them in the room. This can be a major problem and you need to know what...Read More

Hiring A Locksmith In Houston Part II

Getting Help From A Houston Locksmith: The Price Of Local Service In The Middle Of Nowhere If you are having problems with your vehicle, and you are in a remote area, safety should be your number one priority. It may give you comfort to know that a locksmith is on the way, but you still...Read More

Hiring A Locksmith In Houston Part I

Hiring A Locksmith: The Normal Costs Almost every situation that obliges you to call a locksmith is a frustrating one. Whether you need your locks changed out or need an accidental lockout fixed in a hurry, you want to get the problem resolved quickly and professionally. In order to avoid damage or other complications, it's...Read More

Houston Locksmith Services For Key Removal

How to Remove a Broken Key From a Door Lock Among the most commons emergencies that locksmiths are called to attend to is the broken key in the lock. However, you can save the money that a locksmith typically charges by solving the problem yourself. You only need a few simple tools to rake the broken key...Read More

The Impact Of Technology On Houston Locksmith Services

Mobile Apps to Help You Unlock Your Car or Buy a New One - Houston Locksmith Experts Smartphones can be terribly dangerous for motorists use while driving, but they can be handy if you need to take your car in for repairs, if you want to buy a new car, or if you get locked out...Read More

Our Houston Locksmith Helps You Unlock Your Car

If you have accidentally locked your keys inside your car or another vehicle, you will need to consider five things: What is the current situation? Is it raining, sunny, etc.? Where did it occur? Are you in an unsafe location, at your home or in a brightly lit safe parking lot? What time is it? Do you...Read More

How To Change Combination Locks Part 2

Houston Locksmith: Tips For Changing Combination Locks Part 2 4. Changing a Brief Lock Combination Quite often wheel combination locks will be used on briefcases, where a numbered wheel is rotated independently. Don't worry if you don't have your briefcase's current combination since that combination lock style only gives an illusion of security. After getting...Read More

How To Change Combination Locks Part 1

Houston Locksmith: Tips For Changing Combination Locks Part 1 To get a combination lock changed, you need to have some general information first. Then you need to know what kind of lock you have. Not only if it is an electronic or mechanical lock, but also what kind of device the combination lock has been...Read More

Change Locks On Door

Popalock Houston: Changing A Door Lock If you are worried about who might have access to your home, it is time to change your lock. This is something that is very easy to do and all you need is a screwdriver. The most difficult part of changing a lock consists of replacing a deadbolt. You...Read More

Fire Exit Hardware & Panic Bars For Doors

Fire Exit Hardware And Panic Bars For Doors Commercial buildings and buildings that have large amounts of public traffic & must meet specific qualifications. This includes proper fire exit hardware and panic bars for doors. It's essential that people can quickly and safely exit a building in the event of an emergency. The appropriate exit...Read More

Reliable Locksmiths For Property Managers & Realtors

Houston TX Locksmiths For Property Managers And Realtors If you are a property manager or a realtor based in Houston or the surrounding area, then we know you have a lot of responsibility. This is why one of your top properties should be hiring a good Houston TX Locksmith company. They will give you peace of mind...Read More

Lock Tips Every Realtor Should Know

Houston TX Locksmith: 4 Lock Tips That All Successful Realtors Must Be Aware Of Some realtors think that their job mainly involves finding the right property for their clients at the right prices. Although traditionally that might have been the main function of a realtor, your ultimate goal is actually to look out for the...Read More

Keep Kids Safe From The Dangers Of Vehicle Lockouts

Car Locksmith Houston Pros: Keeping Children Safe From The Dangers Of Vehicle Lockouts Temperatures around Houston have been hitting all-time highs lately. At the same time, we're seeing a surge in the number of calls we get to rescue children from locked cars. Parents sometimes rush off to run a brief errand, thinking their kids cannot come...Read More

Steps to Take Right After a Home Invasion

Popalock Houston: Steps to Take Right After a Home Invasion Having to experience a home invasion or burglary is extremely frightening. You may feel afraid and traumatized, and it can be hard to know just what you should do. However, this article will discuss seven things that you can do right away so that you...Read More

Ignition Problems

Popalock Houston: Everything You Need To Know About Ignition Problems Repairing An Ignition Key That Will Not Turn If you find that the key in the ignition switch of your vehicle will not turn, you may become frustrated an may need to visit with a Popalock Houston Locksmith. There are several different issues that can cause...Read More

Safely Breaking Into Your Car Part 2

It happens to the best of us – it’s a busy morning or a slip of the mind, before you know it, you’ve locked your keys in the car. If this is you, don’t fret! There are plenty of things you can do to regain entry. We’ve written a handy guide that breaks down different...Read More

Safely Breaking Into Your Car Part 1

Though we wish it weren’t true, there comes a time in most car owners' lives when they find themselves locked out of their vehicle – whether they’ve locked the key inside or lost it altogether. When you’ve locked yourself out, the best thing you can do is call a professional locksmith. However, if you’re in...Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Locksmithing

Houston Locksmith Questions And Answers Question: What does the term "rekey" mean? Answer: there are actually two quite unique and distinct meaning to the term rekey. One of the first man's is to change the combination of a specific lock, to create a new key for that lock, or to disable any keys that may...Read More

Getting Back Inside The Car After Getting Locked Out

Houston Car Locksmith: Tips For Getting Back Inside A Car After Locking Yourself Out Having a spare key might not seem like a big deal until the time comes when you actually need to have one. If you have ever locked yourself out of either your car or house or had your keys stolen or...Read More

Can The Police Unlock My Car?

If you’ve ever locked your keys in your car, you’ve probably considered calling the police for help. But can the police actually unlock your car? The answer is: It depends! Many police departments are equipped with the tools necessary to unlock cars, but the availability of this service varies from city to city.  When the...Read More

Contracting A Houston Car Locksmith

Contracting A Houston Car Locksmith For Your Commercial Fleet Your commercial fleet is an essential component in how well your business succeeds. If a contractor gets locked out of their van while on the job, then you could end up losing your client. This client could then end up costing you even more business by...Read More

Dealership Vs. Automotive Locksmith

Dealership or Locksmith: Which One Should I Trust For Replacing My Car Keys? One of the worst ways to finish a long day of hiking or shopping is to return to your car and suddenly realize either your keys don't work or you have lost them. Giving an extra set of keys to a trusted...Read More

Why Having Too Many Car Keys Can Be A Bad Thing

Odds are, someone in life has told you that your bulky keys are bad for your vehicle. The truth is that heavy sets of keys can cause serious damage to your car and other aspects of your life. The most evident threat bulky keys pose to vehicles comes from a recall that affected over 1.6...Read More

Different Types Of Keys For Cars

Houston Car Key Replacement: Types of Automotive Keys An automobile key or car key is a type of key used for starting or opening a car. There are a number of different kinds of car keys including transponder keys, VATS keys, and smart key fobs and keys. There are two main types of car key...Read More

Why Houston Commercial Locksmith Services Matter

Learn How Crucial Commercial Locksmith Houston Services Are Anyone that owns or manages a commercial property or business knows that the security and maintenance issues are very different with such structures. That's true, whether is about electrical systems, construction, plumbing, and even door locks. That's precisely why anyone who is an owner of a nonresidential...Read More

Reasons Your Car Key Is Not Working

If you're having trouble with your car key, it could be for any number of reasons. Modern car keys are much more complicated than their older counterparts. In order to fix them when something goes wrong, they require knowing what to look for based on the symptoms you’re experiencing with your particular key. In the...Read More

The Best Houston TX Locksmith For Cars Near Me

Why You May Need a Houston TX Locksmith If You've Been Locked Out Of Your Car Everyone has been locked out of their home, office or car at one time or another. We understand how stressful this can be. This is why you should have a number of a local Houston TX locksmith in your cell phone. That...Read More

Local Locksmith Services Near Me In Houston TX

Five Reasons a Locksmith in Houston TX is Called There are numerous reasons why you may need to contact a locksmith; however, some reasons are more common than other reasons. Our company has been in business for many years and we have come across some strange requests. In this article, we are going to discuss...Read More

Reasons Why You Need A Houston TX Locksmith

Learn The Most Frequent Reasons Consumers Call On The Services Of A Residential Locksmith In Houston TX Your Key Is Stolen Or Lost And Need A Locksmith In Houston One of the most frequent reasons behind consumers calling residential locksmiths is for when their key is stolen or lost. In either case, the potential exists for...Read More

How To Make Car Keys In Houston

Popalock Locksmiths: How Are Houston Car Keys Manufactured? It is the absolute worst. When you lose your car keys it can really make you feel anxious and terrified in around half of a second, and you left wondering whether you will find them or not. Or even better, how are you going to get into...Read More

Church Security With Houston Locksmiths

Religious Organizations Need Security & Can Benefit From Locksmith Services in Houston All places of worship, including churches, need security When you think of the organizations and buildings in our society in need of security to ensure their operations run freely, the first thought that will most likely come to your mind is places that...Read More

Cash Drawer Security

Cash Drawers - How to Think Like Professional Locksmiths In Houston TX Everytime that you go shopping, you see cashiers using a cash drawer. One of the most common types of calls that locksmiths in Houston Tx receive is cash drawer calls. Cash drawers can get jammed, stuck or even locked, causing a business a...Read More

Did You Forget the Combination To Your Safe?

Losing the combination to your safe can be a stressful experience. Whether you use the safe to store personal items, firearms, or important documents, it’s essential to protect its contents with a secure lock. Luckily, if you’ve forgotten the combination to your safe, there are a few ways to regain access without damaging the lock....Read More

Secure Your Home’s Windows With Locksmith Services

How To Make Sure Your Home's Windows Are Secure With Houston TX Locksmith Services Windows are an important part of any home. Not only do they allow light to get in but they also provide you with a view of the outdoors. There is nothing better than sitting down with a good book next to a...Read More

Key Control Systems Can Benefit Houston Banks

How Locksmith Services & Key Control Systems Can Benefit Houston Banks We see bank robberies illustrated in films and on TV, but in reality, the bulk of banks are protected from such thefts. The tellers and other bank staff understand what to do if people enter a bank to steal large sums of cash. Also,...Read More

Property Managers Benefit From Alternative Key Systems

Ways That Property Managers Can Benefit From Alternative Key Systems Alongside The Best Houston Locksmith Concerns For Renters When renting a new home or apartment, the new tenants are often concerned about who still holds the key to their new space. Best Houston Locksmith recommends that reassuring their tenants, many residents will take the necessary...Read More

Automotive Security To Avoid Car Break Ins

Houston Locksmith: A List Of Steps To Take If Someone Breaks Into Your Car Nothing is more disheartening than finding out that someone broke into your vehicle. Sadly, it is something that happens every day. It can be hard to know what steps to take after a break-in. The following list should help: 1. Evaluate...Read More

Commercial Security Terrors

Common Concerns Regarding Commercial Security By Hiring The Best Locksmith Services 1. Employee Theft A majority of commercial security is centered around employee theft that is based on surveillance and documentation. If you are planning to go that route with the commercial security for your business premises, then make sure that you are aware of...Read More

Choosing The Right Warehouse Locks

Houston Locksmith: A Short Guide To Choosing The Right Lock Is Key To Warehouse Security When it comes to warehouse security, many people believe only security guards and cameras are involved. These security measures are indeed important, but the value of locks in regards to the security process is equally important. Warehouse locks are a...Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Broken Keys

Frequently Asked Questions About Broken Keys With Houston's Best Locksmith Company Can The Lock Still Be Used? One of the first questions many people have when they break a key in a lock is whether or not the lock is still functional. Normally, the lock can be saved. Contact the best Houston locksmith possible to get the...Read More

How Houston Locksmiths Handle Broken Key Extractions

Broken Key Extractions: How Houston TX Locksmiths Handle Them If you break a key off in a lock, all is not lost. This is a problem most professional locksmiths in Houston TX know how to fix. In fact, you might not even need a locksmith if the break leaves behind enough of a stub to grasp. The...Read More

How To Prevent A Broken Residential Key

The Top Locksmith In Houston Covers How To Prevent A Broken Home Key There are times that you will find yourself in a tricky situation as a homeowner. Most of these issues arise from not taking the proper precautions in the first place. For example, think about broken key extraction for a minute. There are...Read More

How To Shut Off Your Car’s Anti-Theft Device

Advice From A Houston Locksmith On How To Shut Off Your Car’s Anti-Theft Device At some point in time, it is possible that your car’s anti-theft system will briefly malfunction. This can happen for several reasons:  Your remote battery could be dead The car’s battery could be dead – this would cause the key memory...Read More

How To Pick Locks On Door Knobs Part 2

A Few Different Ways To Pick Your Doorknob Use A Credit Card 1. Be sure that the lock is a spring bolt. This type of lock has a spring-loaded lock and an angled edge. This type of lock is very common. The credit card method doesn't work with other kinds of locks. Usually, a spring...Read More

How To Pick Locks On Door Knobs Part 1

There’s no worse feeling than getting locked out of your house, especially when you’re in a hurry. Though picking a lock can be tricky, it can definitely come in handy. Follow these tricks to get back into your house in a pinch. Use Two Hairpins To Pick The Lock On Your Doorknob Bend open one...Read More

Tips To Help You Better Organize Your Keys

Chances are that when you arrive at a brand new home, you're going to be handed multiple new keys that you'll need to organize and check the locks.

How To Protect Your Most Valued Possessions

At one point or another, everyone worries about losing their most valued possessions. Anytime you have items of value, there is always a possibility that they will be stolen.

Why You Should Make A Spare Key For Your Houston Office

Having a spare key made for your office is more than just a good idea - it should be one of your first priorities when you move into your office space.

How Houston Companies Should Handle Lock Outs

Every office building runs a risk of getting locked out, so having a lockout protocol established will help staff and employees get back into the building as quickly as is feasible. Even the best run company or business can have an accident, so planning for such situations can come in quite handy.

Preventing Your Locks From Rusting In Houston Texas

Prevent your locks from rusting with these key tips from the best locksmith in Houston, Texas.

Why Cheap Locksmiths Are A Terrible Idea

In this economically minded age, you must ask yourself how you can best shave valuable pennies and dollars off your expenses. Cheap and quality are rarely used to describe the same product or service and the locksmith’s trade is no exception to this rule.

Unlocking Doors Without Causing Any Damage

As you can appreciate, losing a key or having a broken key is distressful, inconvenient, and downright frustrating. For the most part, not many people are equipped with skills requisite in dealing with such a situation.

How To Prevent Home Robberies By Talking With Your Kids

When it comes to your home and your kids, it's crucial that you take any precautions you can for both. In modern society, it's common for both parents in a home to work, and there might only be one parent around anyway. That leaves a lot of children arriving at home when they're alone, so...Read More

A Quick Step By Step Guide On How To Stop Losing Keys!

Are you always losing your keys? Here is a guide on how to stop losing your keys with by the best locksmith company in Houston.

Auto Security Door Locks Are Important For Your Home

Provide extra security for your residence by investing in automatic security door locks for your home.

The Best Security Locks You Need For Your Business

Check out this blog about the top 10 security locks that you need for your business!

Transponder Keys 101

Transponder keys provide so much security for your vehicle which can significantly reduce the chances of a break-in or burglary.

Securing Your Home While You Travel Around The World

If you are looking to travel soon, it is very important to make sure that your home is secure and safe while you are gone. Make sure to hire the best houston locksmith services in town.

The History Behind The Locksmith Profession

A quick history lesson on the locksmith profession and it's origins from the beginning of time. Check out what the best locksmith company in Houston had to say!

It Is Time To Fix And Replace Your Desk Locks?

Have you lost or damaged your desk locks? Hire the best locksmith in Houston Today.

Learn About Proof of Residence

My Houston Residential Locksmith Requires Proof Of Residence? If you get locked out from your apartment or home, you're going to require the services of a residential locksmith to regain access to your premises. A certified and professional locksmith can open your locked door without incurring any damage to the door or its hardware, sparing you the...Read More

Find A Houston Locksmith To Create Your Valet Key

There is no doubt that valet parking services offer a great deal of convenience, particularly if you are attending a time-sensitive appointment or business meeting. The time that can be saved by having someone else park your vehicle is often significant. However, there are risks involved with allowing a stranger to have access to your...Read More

Professional Houston Locksmith Transponder Key Services

Transponder keys are a great example of the way that modern technology is improving technology. If you don't have the right key, then you would not be able to unlock your car doors or start the car's engine. This makes it far less likely that your car will be broken into or stole. Someone who tries...Read More

The Qualities of a Great Locksmith in Houston

Does the locksmith profession intrigue you? Do you want to know how to become established in this field? Are you wondering why people decide to pursue a career as a locksmith? Read on to find out what the best Houston locksmith has in common with other great professionals in the field. They Are Skilled With Their Hands...Read More

Choosing The Right Locksmith To Provide Your Kids Keys

Today, it is not uncommon for both parents to have full-time jobs, and for children to come home from school and let themselves into the house. This can be an effective way of allowing a child to enjoy some independence and build up a sense of responsibility, but there are some security, and safety, risks...Read More

For Car Key Replacement, Contact Our Houston Locksmiths

There's nothing worse than losing your car keys and being stuck. From a broken key in the ignition to a lost key, it's very stressful. It can ruin your entire day and cause you even more frustration. If you need key replacement Houston, you don't have to panic or stress, you can call your local...Read More

Don’t Get Locked Out! Call A Local Houston Locksmith

Technology has changed a lot in the past few decades. For example, there used to be push-bottom locks in automobiles. These weren't a very sophisticated security system, and if you got locked out of your car, it was possible to use a metal coat hanger to get back in. Granted, this technique didn't work every time,...Read More

Contact A Locksmith In Houston During Car Troubles

While getting locked out of your car can be frustrating, it's best that you stay alert and prepared for the worst. Just because this has never happened to you doesn’t mean it won't. You, or a friend, can be locked out at any time. Outlined below are a few tips on how to handle the situation, and...Read More

Pop-A-Lock Houston: The Right Provider For The Job

If you haven't used a locksmith yet, chances are that you will sooner rather than later. There are so many reasons why you might utilize the services of this professional. For example, if you lock your keys in your vehicle, a locksmith can help you access the car. He or she can also put new locks...Read More

Hire A Houston Locksmith To Change Your Locks Regularly

One of the best ways to secure your property, regardless of whether it is commercial or residential, is through door locks. Because of this, it is important that they stay in good shape over time. When you take care of them properly, there is no reason they can't work effectively for two decades or more....Read More

Houston Locksmith: Where To Hide Your Spare Keys

When you hide a spare key to your house in convenient and common places it provides burglars with easy access to your house as well. Hiding an extra house key is a risky practice, but many people do it anyway to avoid having an emergency lockout in case they happen to misplace or lose their key. If...Read More

Replacing Your Locks? Get In Touch With Us Today!

Lots of security experts believe that you need to replace your locks regularly. It’s a guaranteed way to boost the security of your property because you can control who has access to your spare keys. It’s easy enough to hand out a pair of your house keys to friends, families or anyone else like your maintenance...Read More

Best Locksmith Services Houston Has To Offer

It's too easy to lose car keys, especially the ones that are flat and small. Of course, they pick the worst possible times to get lost, like when you're not at work on time or trying to get home at the end of a long day. You can't guarantee that yours will never get lost, but...Read More

Houston Mortise Lock Installation Services

While there are many keys and locks you will work within your lifetime, we are here to educate you on the mortise lock. A mortise lock is made up of a lock trim, key cylinder, strike plate and the main lock body. The keyed cylinder has several levers and notches and should be fit perfectly in the...Read More

Houston Panic Bar Installation Services

Panic bars, also known as push bars or crash bars, are emergency safety devices installed on exit doors. Panic bars are particularly common in busy building such office buildings, banks, schools, hospitals, shopping centers movies theatres, malls, restaurants and many other facilities. They are particularly helpful for doors whose locks get deactivated in the event...Read More

Professional Houston Electric Strike Installation

Pop-A-Lock Houston offers professional electric strike repair and installation services. For comprehensive access control solutions to improve commercial and home security, call us for the best locksmith services Houston TX has to offer. An electric strike is a type of electronic locking device. It uses electric power and is utilized quite often with various kinds of locksets and...Read More

Houston High Security Lock Installation

High-security locks have proved to be very effective at negating the risk of break-ins. For starters, they are designed to be inherently hard to compromise using the typical lock picking methods as well as bumping and drilling means. Moreover, they sport robust builds, and complex interconnected features which all work together to increase the strength of...Read More

Houston Locksmith Keyless Deadbolt Installation

The Top Reasons To Consider Installing A Keyless Deadbolt Deadbolt locks have a long history of providing protection for homes and businesses alike, it may in fact, be one of the many keys you work with along the span of your life. Due to advancements in technology, however, standard deadbolts are now somewhat outdated, having been replaced...Read More

Locksmith Services In Houston To Care For Your Car Keys

Why Broken Car Keys End Up Being So Expensive When you break a key, you usually don't freak out about it too much. All you have to do is get a new one for a few dollars. However, a broken car key may cost you more than a normal key. Especially, if its a newer...Read More

Pop-A-Lock Addresses Lost Car Key Insurance

The Benefits of Lost Car Key Insurance You Should Know About You're busy. Now, you've lost your keys and your stress levels have shot through the roof. You just want to go home and relax. Of course, it would be better to completely avoid these situations, but it's not always possible. You can prepare for...Read More

Our Houston Locksmiths Teach You How To Keep Your Keys

How To Not Lose Your Keys: Three Tips From Pop-A-Lock Houston Losing your keys is a common behavior. So common, in fact, that the only logical conclusion is that people are deliberately trying to lose their keys. Although many key-losers manage to succeed in this behavior without any strategy, these top 3 tips may help you...Read More

No Need For Houston Locksmiths With Proper Security

Best Way to Secure a Sliding Glass Door They are both functional and decorative, but sliding glass doors also pose certain security weaknesses. It is easy to take care of securing your home or sliding glass doors, however. Here are the simple secrets that you need to know. Weak Latches You should already be in the habit...Read More

Have An Experienced Houston Locksmith Change Your Locks

Six Situations Where You Should Consider Installing New Locks Locks provide essential protection for homes and businesses, keeping unwanted intruders at bay. Unfortunately, no matter how good your locks are, situations sometimes arise where someone may be able to gain access to your property. Anytime there is a chance that an unauthorized person may have...Read More

Choosing Pop-A-Lock For Your Replacement Car Keys

Why You Should Hire a Locksmith Rather than Going to a Car Dealership for a Replacement Car Key At one time or another, most people will lose their keys. This can be very frustrating as you typically have your house keys, car keys and other important keys together on one keyring. Most people will have an extra...Read More

Locking Up The Right Way With Pop-A-Lock Houston

Ways To Improve Door Security With Houston Locksmith Services A majority of people do not know that front doors are a strategic point of access to a house. Therefore, if a door has any weak point or loophole, it is actually an invitation to burglary. The question is: are you sure the entry point of your...Read More

Find A Well-Known Houston Locksmith Company

Looking For A Houston Locksmith? Here's How To Find A Reputable Company There are so many ways that a locksmith can help you. For example, if you lock yourself out of your home or car, you need to get a professional out to help you. Typically, the locksmith does not need to replace the lock....Read More

Pop-A-Lock Is Your Choice For A Houston Locksmith

Selecting A Reliable Locksmith Company in Houston You never know when you might need a locksmith. You could put your keys in your trunk and then accidentally shut it, locking yourself out of the car. You might buy a new home and want to change the locks for safety purposes. Or, you may experience another...Read More

How To Save Money On Locks With A Houston Locksmith

Lock Change Costs: 4 Factors That Affect Your Bottom Line Saving Money On Locksmith Services In Houston Texas: Priceless There are actually a few different services that fall under the general term of "lock change," and that is one of the major reasons that quoted costs between two different lock change jobs can vary greatly....Read More

Pop-A-Lock Educates On Security Safes

Safes That Will Work For You And Prevent The Need For Locksmith Services In Houston Any home or business can benefit from having a safe. Best of all, there are many types of safes, which also come in various styles and sizes. This can make it hard to know which one to buy. With that said,...Read More

Reasons You May Not Need A Houston Locksmith Company

You would probably be surprised how often people have a difficulty opening a lock or getting it to lock again. In fact, most people just throw up their hands and go buy a new lock when they experience any problems. The majority of the issues, however, are not caused by the lock but are caused...Read More

How To Conduct Yourself Post Burglary

It can be a terrifying experience going through a burglary leaving you feeling violated, vulnerable and emotional at the loss of your most treasured possessions. Although it may be difficult, it is essential to be rational and stay focused in order to take these 5 steps that should follow a burglary, even if the emotions...Read More

Upgrading Shared Lock Facilities With Pop-A-Lock

You may have noticed that college is back in session. With that, you will see a surge in local traffic. In addition, there are pedestrians all over the area. This is going to mean that the Campus Recreation Center is filled to capacity. This is why t is the perfect time to consider a security...Read More

Upgrade Your Businesses Locks With Pop-A-Lock Houston

Why Your Locks On Storefront Doors Need to Be Upgraded Now Imagine this: You get up from bed in the morning in a great mood and feeling energized. You watch the morning news and enjoy freshly brewed coffee. You head out for work to enjoy another successful business day. As you come up to your...Read More

Door Upgrades Done Right By Pop-A-Lock Houston

A new home is always a new thing to discover; it has elements that may amaze and others that may need changing, the latter often being the most common. Of the myriad of changes homeowners face that may include repainting the kitchen and remodeling the flooring, a potential change that should never miss is the...Read More

We Only Supply The Best Of Best For Lock Solutions

Start By Securing Your Home The Right Way Simple Knob Locks Knob locks are most commonly seen in residential units and are used as the main locking system for both internal and external doors. They have a rotatable knob on both sides of the door - one knob contains the key cylinder which is used to...Read More

POP-A-LOCK Provides The Best Locksmith Services in HTX

We take pride in and value our workmanship. Call it our signature, the way we do business, our trademark. Each one of our professional locksmiths has at least 25 has at least 25 years of experience, and that's not just as a locksmith but in the St Louis area. Our mobile locksmith operation, POP-A-LOCK, is...Read More

Choosing The Right Locksmith In Houston TX

Nothing feels worse than heading to your car on a dark night only to find that you have lost your keys. You can't get into your car and you don't have anywhere to go. It isn't a good feeling. You need a locksmith and you need one fast. Read on to learn how to find the best...Read More

Keeping Your Home Secure With The Right Kind Of Locks

The locks on your doors and windows provide protection for you and your family. Because of that, it is important to choose them wisely. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when you are selecting your locks. Not only do you have to think about how much they cost but also...Read More

Extra Measures For Vehicle Security

When you have things stolen from you it can feel like a major violation. That is because our belongings tend to be very personal to us, and often hard-earned as well. It can be very difficult when they disappear, particularly when it is something as large and essential as a car. Although Houston is a...Read More

Pop-A-Lock Helps You To Secure Your Home The Right Way

Tip 1: Deadbolts Single Cylinder: with this type of deadbolt a key is needed to use on the outside lock and the inside needs to have a thumb turn. This kind of deadbolt has been designed for wooden or solid metal doors that don't have glass panes or windows that are within 40 inches of...Read More

Avoid Locksmith Scams By Following This Short Guide

Locksmith scams have been around for decades with most people having experienced some type of con in their lifetime. These scams take advantage of people who are in need and require immediate or urgent assistance as well as those who are drawn in by false or misleading advertising. Promises of low rates and fast arrival times...Read More

How To Approach Being Locked Out Of Your Vehicle

Have you lost your keys? Are your keys locked in your car? Have you ever tried to unlock your car using a tennis ball? That may seem impossible or absurd, but there's a video floating around on the internet demonstrating this method. In fact, there are many videos on the internet showing different methods for unlocking...Read More

Understanding Locksmiths Can Benefit A Realtor Career

If you work as a realtor, you may spend a lot of time helping people find the perfect homes to rent or purchase. Although this may be your primary concern, it is just as important for you to assist your clients with assorted tasks. It may be your responsibility to assist with the locks. In...Read More

Keeping Your Business Safe and Secured

Here at Pop-A-Lock Houston, our aim is to be your all-inclusive security company for everyone in Houston's north suburbs. As your trusted Houston commercial locksmith, we are very proud to provide a broad range of commercial locksmith services to ensure that your business stays as secure and safe as possible at all times. Installing our...Read More

A Guide To Finding The Right Locksmith Company For You

If you are looking for the best locksmith company Houston has to offer, look no further. We provide a wide range of services for both homeowners and businesses. Ultimately, our goal is to help ensure that your property is protected in the most effective way possible. Finding a good locksmith isn't always easy. There are...Read More

Considerations To Keep In Mind

If you're looking for the best locksmith company in Houston, you have come to the right place. Pop-A-Lock is an all-inclusive security provider in Houston. We are a premier locksmith company in Houston providing both residential and commercial services. Choosing a locksmith company is always complicated but we have simplified everything for you. Here's what you...Read More

How To Deal With Lost Keys

Whether you're looking for a locksmith in Houston, TX, or somewhere near, Pop-A-Lock of Houston strives to be the premier choice. We offer customers a comprehensive set of commercial locksmith service and residential locksmith services, aiming to fulfill each and every one of your security needs. As your Houston locksmith services provider, we aren't merely capable...Read More

7 Ways To Prevent Being Locked Out of Your Apartment

There is nothing worse than getting home to your apartment after a long day of work, only to not be able to inside because you accidentally locked yourself out. Maybe you were rushing around in the morning and forget your keys or maybe you broke the key off and now it's stuck in the lock....Read More

Making The Smartest Decision When Picking A Smart Lock

Smart locks are quite the market trend right now. Given the always advancing technology, many of these locks now offer features and amenities that consumers couldn't dream of ten years ago. Still, they're not all the same. Many manufacturers add so many bells and whistles to their models that they get away from the emphasis...Read More

Tips To Being A Better Gatekeeper

There are a lot of home invasions that happen in this day and age. There are a lot of nice home security options, but sometimes they are not perfect in every situation. If you want to make sure you don't have as many issues with criminals, use the following tips. Don't Hide Things In Obvious...Read More

A Step-By-Step Guide To Deal With Being Locked Out

At some point in your life, you have probably experienced the awful feeling of arriving home and finding that your keys are missing. They have probably been lost, misplaced or locked inside your house or car and there could be a chance that they have been stolen. Not everyone can be a locksmith pro unless given the...Read More

Choose Pop A Lock Houston For Your Locksmith Services

Those of us at Pop-A-Lock Houston hope that we'll be your first choice for locksmith services in Houston Texas. We offer a wide-range of residential and commercial services that will help to make your home and business a safer, more secure place to be. We take a great deal of pride in providing the best...Read More

Keeping Your Kids Safe When It Comes To Home Security

It is essential that home security is important to all family members. Everybody needs to play a role and be involved in keeping the house safe and secure. Although discounts are offered by insurance companies to homeowners with security systems, actually the protection comes from members of the family who are responsible for taking all...Read More

Become A Locksmith Pro At Home

void Making These Amateur Door Lock Mistakes Does your upcoming weekend "honey-do-list" include replacing any loose door knobs? It might sound like something easy to do, but we frequently hear from beginners about making these kinds of basic mistakes. Before trying to replace those door knobs, check the list of common mistakes below so that...Read More

How To Prevent Yourself From Locksmith Scams

Learn How Locksmith Scammers Do What They Do Do you know that Texas is a state where locksmiths are not required to be licensed in order to operate and conduct their business? Thanks to this, scammer locksmiths show up online across the state, and certainly around an urban area like Houston. In order to protect yourself...Read More

Pop-A-Lock Houston Addresses Bluetooth Padlocks

Padlocks are arguably the most highly utilized security features for different application on any given time or day. They can be found on the doors of storage units, on the lockers at the gym, filing cabinets, yard sheds and school lockers among many other places. While they may have a sturdy build, their locking mechanism...Read More

How Your Door At Home Can Prevent Burglary’s

You may not be aware of it, however the average house door that has a traditional chain mechanism, dead bolt and lock takes just a couple of seconds and few swift kicks before it gives way and allows an intruder to break in. FBI Burglary Statistics show that 65 percent of house break-ins take place via the...Read More

Opening New Doors For You and Your Business

When choosing a door closer or operator, you need to consider a number of different factors as possible, including whether you need to find a reputable commercial locksmith Houston TX or not. Which mechanical door closer or electrified door operator is right for a specific door will depend on the security and fire safety of...Read More

How The Weather Can and Will Affect Your Keyless Locks

We have all been there, running late to work knowing you have a busy day ahead. You get to the office, reach into your pocket for the keys to open the door yet they suddenly do not fit in the keyhole. You look at the keys. Are you are sure that you have the right...Read More

The Future of Locksmithing Services

Today's Locksmiths Do More Than Lock Repair When you need locksmith services in Houston Texas, we are here to help. Pop-A-Lock Houston wants to be your first choice when you need a skilled locksmith. We serve the entire Houston area including Kingwood, North Houston, Spring, Humble, Bellaire, Tomball, Cypress, Richmond, Katy, Alief, Stafford, Missouri City, Santa...Read More

Locksmith Scams: What To Watch For

Keep An Eye Out For Locksmith Scams Locksmith scams are a rising problem in Houston as well as other parts of the nation. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and the BBB (Better Business Bureau) have received more complaints than they can count. The great thing is that Texas works hard to protect consumers by making...Read More

A Short Guide To Protecting Your Home While On Vacation

Protecting Your Home While Vacationing: 5 Tips How With summer just around the corner, more and more people are planning their weekend getaways, vacation, or even a safari overseas. This means many homes will be left unattended for extended periods of time. Unlike the November and December holidays, leaving your home in summer exposes it...Read More

What You Should Know Before Removing A Broken Key

Tips For Removing a Broken Key from a Lock Is there a broken key stuck in one of your locks? Have You ever experienced the feeling that is gut wrenching when you stick a key in your door, twist it, and snap, it has broken in half? This, unfortunately, happens from time to time and...Read More

Is It Time To Hire A Professional Locksmith Company?

5 Occasions When It Is Necessary To Hire An Emergency Locksmith Some of the reasons people hire a Houston Texas locksmith include cleaning, replacing, repairing, cleaning, installing locks and an array of other services. You have had to seek out the services of a locksmith because you were in one of the situations mentioned above. These are not...Read More

What To Watch For With Aftermarket Electronic Keys

If you need a new set of car keys, you may be tempted to purchase an aftermarket set and program them yourself. While this is possible, it invites the risk of several issues. It is important to understand the specific kind of key you need, and to be aware of specific dangers such as poor...Read More

Protecting Your Home The Right Way

Steps You Can Take To Deter Thieves It usually doesn't take too much reconnaissance for a thief to decide who his next victim will be. Unwitting homeowners all too often leave "Welcome Burglar" signs all around their property. Fortunately, you can avoid becoming a victim by just using a little common sense, and following several...Read More

What To Know About Your Locksmith Services Provider

5 Basic Facts You Need To Know About Locksmith Services The locksmith industry is among the world's most successful. Locksmiths are an essential part of life, and as such, they are in ready supply throughout virtually all communities. The market has been saturated to the point that it can sometimes be difficult to know whom...Read More

Securing Your Home The Right Way

Three Effective Ways To Secure Your Home Your home should be more than just a place where you sleep at night. It should also be a safe haven from the outside world. When you are tucked inside, you should feel totally secure, protected from threats of any kind. Creating a sense of security at home...Read More

The How-Tos On Preventing A Vehicle Break In

The United States has seen an increase in vehicle theft and break-ins over the years, with a shocking theft rate of one every 21 seconds. If you were to combine this with the vehicles that are broken into but not actually stolen, then you would find that there are $1.2 billion worth of valuables being...Read More

How Do I Choose The Safe That’s Right For Me

When it comes to protecting your valuables, a safe is great option. There are quite a few safes on the market, however knowing the one that is best for you can be difficult. To get the ideal safe for your needs, there are a few factors you should take into consideration, for example the kind...Read More

The Keys You May Be Working With

Learn About 5 Keys You Might Encounter In Your Life When most folks are asked to describe what a key is, they would likely call it vintage, ornate, or something they use to open the doors of their home. However, many consumers are unaware of how many locking mechanisms and different keys the market has...Read More

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