It’s too easy to lose car keys, especially the ones that are flat and small. Of course, they pick the worst possible times to get lost, like when you’re not at work on time or trying to get home at the end of a long day. You can’t guarantee that yours will never get lost, but using these 5 tips can help you minimize your risks.

Attach The Keys To Something

A lot of folks keep their house and car keys on a small chain, but that can slip deep into a purse or pocket, or even the creases of a couch. A larger keychain helps them stay in place and not slide deep into something. For that matter, attach them to a wallet, work ID, or another item you carry constantly.

Designate A Specific Location

At both home and work, designate specific locations for your keys, and make a concentrated habit of putting them there every time for three straight weeks. That should become a habit. The top drawer of your desk at work is a good spot, especially if it locks, as it a key tray or hook near your home door or kitchen counter.

Write Reminders

If you lose your keys a lot, but not your phone, put a note to yourself on the phone about where you left them. Sticky notes on bathroom mirrors can also do wonders if you’re tired and not alert in the morning. Forming new habits is key, and written reminders become a critical element of your learning process.

Create Spares

Of course, your objective is to not lose keys, but if you do it a lot, then keeping a spare around might mean you get to work on time. Hide a key under your car with a magnetic container, or just create a spare that you can hide in a wallet, purse, or backpack. Locksmith services Houston options can help you be creative, but remember to put it back when you’re done.

Take Advantage Of Modern Technology

If you’re winding up with your spares being your only keys because you lose the initial set, it might be time to accept you lose your keys and create a way to actually find them. There are gadgets and technology that let you locate your keys, much like you might ring a cell phone to hear its location. You can have trackers emit sounds like beeps that help you retrace the last location of your keys. Options like this might cost you some money, but their effectiveness is indisputable. Use locksmith services Houston providers for customized and secure possibilities.

Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to make sure your keys never get lost. On the other hand, making use of these 5 tips can seriously reduce your changes that you lose time just from having lost your keys.

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