When you break a key, you usually don’t freak out about it too much. All you have to do is get a new one for a few dollars. However, a broken car key may cost you more than a normal key. Especially, if its a newer vehicle.

Why So Costly?

These days, car dealerships have started implementing new ways to deter thieves from stealing your vehicle. And one easy way to do this is to simply make your key more difficult to duplicate. Basically, there’s some type of microchip inside the metal part of the key. This microchip helps to prevent car thieves from easily obtaining a copy of your key.

If the car thief were to try and duplicate your key at some random hardware store, they would probably be out of luck. These secure car keys have to be specially made by either your dealership or someone who specializes in keys (like a locksmith in Houston). Thieves could still make a copy of your key if they really wanted to, but it would be much more difficult.

Utilizing Your New Car Key

In order to use your new car key, you may have to take some extra steps in order to have a working key. These steps may differ depending on the dealership you go to. For Chevrolet vehicles, you have to do the following. First off, turn on your vehicle (don’t start the engine) with a key that already works. Leave your key in the on position for about fifteen seconds, and then turn off the car.

You then take out that key and insert the new spare key. Once again, simply turn the car on without starting the engine and then leave the spare key in for fifteen seconds. You should then be able to start the vehicle with your new spare key. If you receive some sort of security message from the vehicle, then simply try the process again. More than likely, you simply didn’t leave the key in for fifteen seconds.

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