Start By Securing Your Home The Right Way

Simple Knob Locks

Knob locks are most commonly seen in residential units and are used as the main locking system for both internal and external doors. They have a rotatable knob on both sides of the door – one knob contains the key cylinder which is used to lock the door. These locks are very popular but they are actually rather easy to breach both with lock picks and with brute force. They are a good deterrent, but it is important that you use an additional locking mechanism for improved security.

Lever-Handle Locks

These are more common for commercial buildings – they have a similar structure to a knob lock, but with a lever instead of a spherical knob. The levers make them easy to operate, and more convenient for your customers. In some cases, they come with a mechanism that will prevent the handle from moving at all when the lock is engaged.

Strong Deadbolts

The deadbolt lock is used to offer an additional layer of security in conjunction with the previously mentioned locks. These are usually used in addition to a knob lock, and they have a thumb-turn or a cylinder that will drive the metal bolt into the frame of the door to lock it. The thumb-turn is on the inside, while only a key can operate it from the outside. This makes these locks quite secure and hard to force open, although it is possible for someone experienced in the art of lockpicking to breach them.

Other Locking Options Include

Double deadbolt: With this system both the inner and outer side of the lock relies on a key rather than a handle or thumb-turn to open the lock.

Jimmy-proof deadbolts: These are used in double doors and in some older apartments. There are two vertical bolts that lock into the strike plates, rather than a single one that would slide into the jamb of the door.

High Tech Keyless Entry Pads

If simple locks don’t seem sufficient, then electric locks could be an option/ Some use a fingerprint system, some use cards or pin based systems. These are more expensive and pose their own risks – especially with PIN systems, where anyone who knows the number could potentially gain entry. A keyless system could pose a security risk if someone were to clone the fob or pass or hand out the entry number to strangers. In some ways, it is more secure than a key, however, since electronic codes can be changed without requiring a new lock, while keys can be copied.

Locks and Hardware for Houston Property Owners

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