Security Features For Your Bathroom Lock With A Top-Level Houston Locksmith

If you need to replace your old bathroom lock, you may want to know what type of lock you should buy. There are so many types of locks, that choosing the best one can become a complex problem to solve. This article helps you make the right decision by taking a closer look at the security features of various restroom locks. Keep on reading to find out whether you’d be better off with a button lock, a keypad lock or a deadbolt. For residential locksmith information, click here.

Main Types Of Bathroom Door Locks

1. Privacy Locks

By far the most common type of bathroom locks, privacy locks don’t require a key. The handle features a button which engages the lock. For releasing it, you have to turn the knob inside the bathroom. Some privacy locks may feature a thumb turn lock device instead of this knob.

2. Deadbolts

Their reliability and durability recommend deadbolts for public restrooms use. They may feature different deadbolt types, some of them being part of the knob, while others being a separate piece.

3. Keypads

These are also among the most common public restroom lock types. They enable the business owner or the manager of the venue to control who has access to their restrooms. Based on a deadbolt mechanism, these locks include an electric keypad controlling the deadbolt.

The Level Of Privacy Your Bathroom Requires

The point is that bathroom door locks are here to offer privacy rather than security. This means you don’t have to install the strongest lock you can find. The most important thing is that the lock suits your specific requirements and is reliable. Sometimes, a simple thumb turn privacy lock would be enough. Some other times you may not need a lock at all. Your choice should depend on where your bathroom is and who will be using it. Popalock offers a variety of locksmith services in Houston, make sure to check out our site.

What About Emergency Entry?

Are there small children, seniors or physically disabled people in your home? In this situation, you have to consider emergency access to the bathroom. Elderly or disabled individuals may slip and fall, children may lock themselves in, so you need to secure emergency access to be able to rescue them. Most privacy locks offer this feature, usually shaped as a tiny hole in which you have to insert a needle to unlock the door from the outside. Should anyone in your home get locked inside the bathroom, you’ll be able to rescue them by operating this safety mechanism with a paperclip or a needle. If you are having trouble with your commercial bathroom, look into hiring a Houston Locksmith today.

What’s The Condition Of Your Hardware?

The internal hardware of your bathroom’s lock needs to be in perfect condition, in order to avoid incidents. Damaged or outdated mechanisms may result in children getting locked inside the bathroom or the door not being able to lock at all. Always inspect your lock’s hardware, in order to make sure it works smoothly. If needed, hire an expert locksmith to fix anything that sticks or doesn’t operate properly.

Houston Locksmith Services

Your safety and privacy are way too important to be left up to chance. Always make sure you work with reputable locksmith experts, with many years of experience. This is how you can gain the peace of mind that your business or your home will always be perfectly secure.

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