We take pride in and value our workmanship. Call it our signature, the way we do business, our trademark. Each one of our professional locksmiths has at least 25 has at least 25 years of experience, and that’s not just as a locksmith but in the St Louis area. Our mobile locksmith operation, POP-A-LOCK, is at your service, and we come to you wherever you may be. We offer the best in professional installation services, and we have the right hardware or can work with the products you have already purchased, too. We have all the hardware in our truck ready to go, making us the best mobile locksmiths in around. We can install and repair locks and we handle everything you can think of when it comes to your keys, keys for anything.

We are your trusty hometown locksmiths, and we have got your back. We don’t operate as some type of dispatch call center. You get a licensed locksmith on the phone immediately that you can talk to about your situation. The locksmith is going to listen to you explain everything and then help you discover the best solutions, as well as schedule the appointment for you. We also call you when we are headed your way.

When it comes to the repairs we make, we work on deadbolts, lever locks, mortise locks and more. We also repair other issues, such as doors that rub. We also re-key locks. Perhaps you just purchased a home, and you know it’s a good idea to have all the locks rekeyed. You want that peace of mind, the one that comes with knowing there are no rogue keys out there. You can also make it quite simple on yourself by making it to where all the locks on the doors to your home operate off of one key. That would be one of your rekeying choices, and you can also choose a keyless entry. How would you like a push button lock instead?

We can do maids keys for you that operate if you provide access by not locking a deadbolt. We provide all kinds of options for maids pass keys, and they work great to grant temporary access to other visiting professionals. For example, you might have hired a babysitter or have a repairman coming over. We work with deadbolt locks as mentioned, including the single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolts, pry-resident deadbolts, keyless locks and more. At POP-A-LOCK Houston, we feature many of the best products, models, and brands.

The Revolution Lock is popular because of its touch screen and easy programming. This lock also has other great special features: an audit trail, pick proof, single use codes, combination changes and more. You can have a keyless, push button coded lock box mounted outside your home for a child that loses or otherwise doesn’t have a key when necessary. There are other ways to set up better safety and security for your home in these situations, too. Use the available checklist print out to evaluate how safe your home is in regards to its locks and in conjunction with everything else, including your home security system. If you call us, remember you will be getting to talk to an experienced locksmith right away, and we can schedule an appointment with you on the phone.