How Locksmith Services & Key Control Systems Can Benefit Houston Banks

We see bank robberies illustrated in films and on TV, but in reality, the bulk of banks are protected from such thefts. The tellers and other bank staff understand what to do if people enter a bank to steal large sums of cash. Also, banks are designed to offer extra-security for crimes of this type. However, some banks are inadequately designed to handle thefts by bank personnel who abuse their privileges and, as a result, get access to financial data and money.

  • Employee Theft Presents a Danger

The temptation for bank employees to steal from the job is intense. There’s robbery of money, but that’s just one aspect of it. In truth, the number one target for identity thieves in the industry is the financial records. A bank teller, for instance, can earn a large sum of cash selling personal info to corrupt people. The Detroit Free Press reported that a staff member in a bank created a scheme that would have brought him over $450,000. He was caught before he had a chance to carry out his plan, but the threat by people of this type is real and should be a warning to people who handle customers’ financial records and security.

  • There’s Money on the Line

Although identity theft remains a severe problem for banks, many shady bank employees will set their sights on the physical money rather than a person’s financial documents. As described in the Lansing State Journal, a Grand Rapids teller stole almost $100,000 from the bank where she worked. As the head teller, she didn’t do it all at once; she did it over a period of three and a half years. It was only after she staged an armed bank robbery to cover up for her crimes that her theft was revealed. Her actions and similar actions by other unscrupulous bank employees put everyone who works at a bank at risk and compromise customers’ financial records and security. With better security, you can sleep better at night. Make sure to look into a Houston locksmith for more security for your bank.

There’s a way to make a bank more secure without markedly raising costs or altering a bank employee’s job, and that’s with a key control system. Under this arrangement, a member of the bank’s staff is given a serial-numbered key. The key will provide the employee access to certain parts of the bank necessary for his or her job. It is practically impossible to duplicate these keys. Therefore, if there is a security violation, it is easily traced back to the employee who owns the key. Law officials can, therefore, catch crimes quicker and can pinpoint the source of the problems.  When keys are lost or stolen that can create enormous problems for any organization that heavily relies on security. However, key control takes care of these kinds of problems. If a key is missing, administrators can take a key control system’s re-keyable lock and reset it. No locksmith or similar expert is needed, saving costs and wasted time and quickly restoring a bank’s security.

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