Popalock Houston: Everything You Need To Know About Ignition Problems

Repairing An Ignition Key That Will Not Turn

If you find that the key in the ignition switch of your vehicle will not turn, you may become frustrated an may need to visit with a Popalock Houston Locksmith. There are several different issues that can cause this type of problem. Many of these issues are universal and can be dealt with in your own driveway. However, you must determine if the reason is due to a faulty ignition cylinder, a user error of the key itself. You can narrow down the reasons that your key will not turn by attempting the methods below. This can help prevent your vehicle from needing to be towed to your mechanic.

The Common Ignition Problems

Make sure your vehicle is in park. Vehicles that have automatic transmissions are manufactured to prevent the ignition from turning if the transmission is not in either neutral or park. Starting a car while in gear can cause the vehicle to lurch forward or backward which could damage property or injure someone. Ensure that your shift lever is fully engaged in Neutral or Park then try to turn your key again. Look down at the indicator and verify that the lever is in the Park position. Press your brakes and try to take the vehicle out of Park and then put it back in park and try to turn your key again. If you are having trouble with this method it is best that you call a Popalock Houston locksmith to help you.

Inspect Your Car Key

If your key will not turn in your ignition, the key may have become damaged. A damaged key will not engage the correct pins and allow the cylinder to spin. When inspecting your key, look for any broken teeth on the key, rounding of the teeth or any signs of excess wear. Any of these can prevent the key from turning in the ignition. If the key is damaged, you will need to replace it by contacting a Popalock Houston professional. It is important to refer to your owner’s manual to determine if a replacement key needs to be programmed at your local Popalock Houston location.

Look for Anything Stuck to the Key

Just like a worn key or a key with damaged teeth, anything stuck to your key can prevent it from properly engaging the pins located in the ignition cylinder. If you have used your car key to open a package, there may be bits of tape or material stuck to the teeth of your key which will prevent it from working properly. Clean all dirt and debris off your key and then reinsert it into the ignition and try to start your vehicle. It is important to realize that keys should only be used to start your vehicle. Never use your keys to open packages. Popalock Houston car locksmiths are available to speak with you when you are ready.

Is Your Steering Wheel Locked?

If you try to turn your steering wheel after you have turned your vehicle off, the steering wheel may become locked in place thanks to the steering pin. You can check to see if your steering wheel is locked by turning your steering wheel. If it is unable to move or only moves slightly, the steering wheel may be locked. When a steering wheel is locked, the mechanism prevents the ignition from engaging. When you move your steering wheel you will feel it stop when it comes in contact with the locking mechanism. If you turn your wheel when the car is off, you can accidentally engage the steering wheel lock.

Unlock Your Steering Wheel by Turning the Wheel as You Try to Turn the Key

You can unlock your steering wheel by inserting the key into your ignition and trying to turn the key. at the same time, wiggle the steering wheel gently until the locking mechanism disengages. Once the steering wheel is unlocked, you should be able to turn the key. Once the steering wheel is no longer locked, the key should turn freely in the ignition switch. If it does not, you are dealing with a separate issue. Contact Popalock Houston to help determine why your key is not turning the ignition.

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