A new home is always a new thing to discover; it has elements that may amaze and others that may need changing, the latter often being the most common. Of the myriad of changes homeowners face that may include repainting the kitchen and remodeling the flooring, a potential change that should never miss is the upgrading the door and door accessories. Such upgrades should be done by a mobile locksmith company Houston that has an unblemished reputation and years of experience.

Choosing new doors and door accessories is never a straightforward process since there are numerous door accessories available that you can consider when upgrading your doors in regards to their functionality, security, and appearance. The only issue is knowing which accessories are the perfect choice that meets your home needs. As such, a mobile locksmith should be on hand guide your choices and ensure that you understand the various accessories, how they are used and will install them for you.


One of the most important features of an exterior door is its deadbolt, which is vital for enhancing the security it provides. Nevertheless, you can also rely on other accessories that boost the defenses of your home, which gives you some peace of mind.

Security Chains

Security chain for the door may not replace or be comparable to the high efficiency of deadbolts, but they do help to boost the defenses by adding another layer of protection. The chains are an ideal option if your door does not have a peephole or window; the chains allow you to greet visitors without opening the door completely. You can get the security chains at the local hardware stores or from online retailers and may even install them yourself if you follow the installation instructions.

Security Latches

Locksmiths may quantify security latches to be the same as security chains since they also allow you to greet or converse with visitors without opening the door completely. By design, the latches have a bar with a hook and are often a standard door accessory found on hotel room doors. The latches are very sturdy and are often picked over the chains because of their strength and durability. Also, the latches are unlikely to scratch the doors and walls. The mobile locksmith company Houston experts can install this door security accessory, or you can opt to do it yourself since the installation is fairly quick and easy.


Door accessories can include helpful features that also in protecting your walls and allowing you to see people at the door when you are not home.

Door Bumpers and Stops

It is never pleasing to have a recently installed door that slams into the freshly painted walls; this may leave some unsightly markings. You can use door bumpers or stops to mitigate this issue and therein prevent damage to your repainted walls.

For the stops, you can opt to work with the regular door stops installed on the wall at baseboard height or the door handle level. Alternatively, you can opt for the hinge pin door stops that are mounted directly onto the door thus providing a smooth and clean appearance compared to that of the traditional door stops. The hinge pin door stops are installed in the door’s hinges to allow a limited angle of opening the door and prevent it from hitting or banging against the wall. The stops are inconspicuous once installed and are available at most hardware stores. However, the hinge pin door stops are not as sturdy and durable as the traditional stops mounted to the walls. The mobile locksmith will help you pick the most suitable stops and help to install them.

Smart Doorbells

Smart technology is quickly becoming a vital component in home security and comfort. Doorbells that alert you of a visitor at the door and allow you to see who it is are some of the latest trends that most mobile locksmith companies in Houston are advising the clients to get. Some of the high-end smart doorbells capture and record surveillance videos and have motion sensors, which only offered an added layer of defense to your home. Installation of these doorbells can be tricky and should be handled by mobile locksmith company Houston experts to ensure the accessories function and serve you as they should.


The door is among the first things that capture people’s attention when they look at or enter your home. You can use the following door accessories to boost your door’s overall appearance.

Door Knocker

Guests may still manage to knock on your door even if there is no door knocker installed. But installing one is an opportunity for you to give your front door some personal touch that enhances its curb appeal. Options for this accessories are almost limitless. You can do something ornate or just stick to simple tastes. Brushed nickel knocker or one made from polished brass, an antique door knocker purchased online or the local real estate sales, the choice will ultimately boil down to personal taste. Though door knockers may not be complicated to install, a mobile locksmith can help ensure that it is mounted in a manner that does not impede on other door features such as the peephole.

Door Address Numbers and Plaques

It is important to consider having the house number visible to avoid silly inconveniences such as the pizza deliver guy missing not knowing your home in the estate. Some homeowners prefer putting their home address or number on the exterior wall, which is never an excellent option. The best place is on the door, and you can do this using different option that offers some style variance ranging from sizable plaques to small plain number painted on the door. The mobile locksmith company can make you a custom-made address plaque that complements or enhances the door’s look.

Some of the door upgrades may not be complicated, and thus you can opt to handle them yourself. However, only a mobile locksmith company Houston that has an unblemished reputation and years of experience can help ensure everything is done right, and your upgrades also enhance doors’ the security, functionality, and curb appeal.

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