When you hide a spare key to your house in convenient and common places it provides burglars with easy access to your house as well. Hiding an extra house key is a risky practice, but many people do it anyway to avoid having an emergency lockout in case they happen to misplace or lose their key. If you are going to hide an extra key, why make the burglar’s job so easy? Using an extra key is much more convenient and easy compared to breaking and entering when attempting a burglary. Let’s go over some of the worst places for hiding a spare key and suggest a couple of the best places for hiding an extra house key.

Worst places for hiding your extra house key:

  • Inside of an outdoor bin
  • Underneath or inside of a garden gnome
  • Underneath a poorly placed fake rock
  • Underneath your welcome doormat
  • Underneath a flower pot next to your front door

Best places for hiding your spare keys:

  • In an outdoor doghouse

In your landscaping. Put your key inside of a plastic bag and bury in mulch. A container can even be placed inside of it and then a small rock can be glued to the top of the lid before you bury it inside of a hole that is just deep enough so that the container is hidden.

Inside of a wind chime. Even better, use a bunch of fake keys with one real one. Robbers really hate two things, which are having to spend too much time at a property and noise. This method accomplishes both of these things.

  • Use a key vault or magnetized locks box for safely hiding your key inside.
  • Leave your extra keys with a neighbor you trust.

Secret hiding places only work when they actually are a secret. However, there is a good chance someone has noticed you getting your key out of your secret hiding place. The best thing to do is continue changing your hiding place and to be creative in your thinking. Another very important safety precaution that you should take is to frequently rekey or replace your old locks. This is something that is recommended by security experts, especially when you have to give a spare key so that real estate agents, maintenance people, and friends have access to your house. If you are looking for a professional locksmith in Houston to hire, give Pop-A-Lock Houston a call today.

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