While there are many keys and locks you will work within your lifetime, we are here to educate you on the mortise lock. A mortise lock is made up of a lock trim, key cylinder, strike plate and the main lock body. The keyed cylinder has several levers and notches and should be fit perfectly in the deep pocket created in a door’s crevices.

The installation follows a meticulous procedure. For instance, the door should have a width of at least 1.75 inches (45mm) for it to hold the installed mortise lock firmly. Such intricate details are why an experienced locksmith Houston tech expert should install for you mortise locks on your doors.

Why Install Mortise Locks?

  • The locks have a very sturdy internal structure that makes it a tough challenge to pick and manipulate; thus the locks provide enhanced security.
  • They have a dual locking mechanism meaning you can lock them from either side of the door.
  • Mortise locks come in an array of designs, trim styles and finish.
  • They are an excellent choice if you are looking for something that adds a vintage touch to your home or office.
  • The locks are highly durable and have less wear and tear with little maintenance demands making then an excellent choice for heavy hardware.

Mortise Lock Services In Houston Texas

Cutting the perfect fit for mortise locks and installing the same is a complicated task that cannot be given to any professional locksmith in Houston. It requires an experienced locksmith that has the right machinery for the job. If you are looking for a locksmith in Houston to install, repair, or maintain your mortise locks, then call Pop-A-Lock Houston.

We have highly trained technicians with extensive experience in dealing with different types of locks repairs, maintenance, and installations. We know the underlying challenges, risks, and damages that an improperly installed lock poses. As such, we are very keen when installing any mortise lock, to ensure that the door’s width is accounted for and that the proper dimensions and alignment are kept when installing the lock.

Our technicians will assess and inspect the door, prep it for the lock functions to ensure everything works flawlessly without compromising the desired security. Our team of locksmiths is always ready to offer your expert advice and assistance, whether you wish to repair a damaged mortise lock, replace one that is withered, or installing new mortise locks to new doors. For vintage doors, we take the exact measurements of the mortise locks so that we give you new locks with the same dimension to avoid having to resizing the holes in the vintage doors so that they accommodate the new mortise locks.

Leave the installation, repair, and maintenance of mortise locks to a professional locksmith Houston services provider.

Call us today or contact Pop-A-Lock Houston for more information.