If you work as a realtor, you may spend a lot of time helping people find the perfect homes to rent or purchase. Although this may be your primary concern, it is just as important for you to assist your clients with assorted tasks. It may be your responsibility to assist with the locks. In that case, there are some things you should know about locks to ensure that the homes you are renting or selling are as safe and secure as possible.

Consider Rekeying Instead of Replacing

One of the first things most people do when they move into a new place is starting to change the locks just to be on the safe side. They may be worried that the previous owners have copies and would be able to get into their home. However, it is often such a lengthy and tiring process to replace all the locks inside a home. The good news is that there is a far more convenient and affordable method available.

Instead of replacing the locks, it makes more sense to try rekeying. If you have never heard of rekeying before, it is a simple process that ultimately helps to change the existing locks so that they are no longer configured the same. Once the inside is reconfigured, it is time to have the keys cut to match the lock so that it is easy to unlock doors when necessary.

Instead of just discussing this option with some of the clients you work with, you may want to consider offering it as a service you can provide to them. It is a great way to help out your clients while offering an affordable and convenient solution to them that they may appreciate.

Make Deadbolts More Effective

Most homeowners choose to install deadbolts because they are meant to provide additional safety and security to a home. Although they are convenient and helpful, it may still be possible for someone to get into the home if they are applying enough force. One simple and effective way to make the deadbolts even more secure is to remove the smaller screws that came with the hardware and replace them with longer screws.

The longer screws keep the deadbolt in place even better. It would take much longer for a potential burglar to get into the home. If you tell your clients about changing the screws, they may be able to make their property even more secure than it was before. There is nothing wrong with taking additional safety measures to keep the home as secure as possible.

Get a Multi-Purpose Key

Some of the people you work with may be interested in buying or selling more than one property. If you do not feel like walking around with dozens of keys on a ring, there is a convenient solution available for you to consider. You could use rekeying to ensure that you are able to open up different types of locks with a single key. Not only does that mean you would no longer have to walk around with multiple keys on a ring all the time, but you could also avoid the stress that comes along with trying to remember which key you need to bring to a certain property when it is time to open the doors.

This tip may be convenient for you, but it is just as convenient for your clients. Providing your clients with useful and informative tips that they may not have known about before is a great way to gain their trust and build an even better relationship with them. If clients feel like you are trustworthy and have their best interest at heart, they may choose to repeatedly do business with you.

Open a Lock Even Without a Lost or Damaged Key

Some clients may have locks with lost or damaged keys. What if they cannot find the key? They may be stressed out about not being able to get into something, especially if they have valuables stored away in a room that is locked. It is definitely not uncommon for people to misplace keys that go to all kinds of things, including safes and cabinets that have locks attached to them.

There is a neat feature known as decoding that comes in handy for those who have misplaced keys. The decoding process allows them to open the lock without the key that goes with it. Of course, they would need to enlist help from a professional locksmith who has experience decoding different types of locks. Can you imagine how much time and money you could help your clients save by simply letting them know that decoding is an option they should consider?

When you work in the real estate industry, it is important for you to be there for your clients and provide various services that are convenient for them. If you have a lot of knowledge and information on locks, it may be useful to some of the people you are working with each day. There are professional locksmiths who could help your clients out with some of the different lock-related services, such as rekeying and decoding the locks.

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