Locks provide essential protection for homes and businesses, keeping unwanted intruders at bay. Unfortunately, no matter how good your locks are, situations sometimes arise where someone may be able to gain access to your property. Anytime there is a chance that an unauthorized person may have an extra key to your home or your place of business, it is worth considering whether or not a lock change is in order. Below are six situations where you should consider installing new locks to protect your property:

1. After an employee leaves.

If someone who works for you gets fired or moves on to a different job, you should consider installing new locks. Even if the person returns the key that you have given them, there is still a chance that they copied it before giving it back.

This practice is a good habit to get into for both business owners and homeowners. From a business standpoint, keeping employees who were fired or otherwise let go out can help protect your property, data, and equipment. Homeowners should also consider taking this action any time they replace their house cleaner, childcare worker, or another home assistant.

2. When moving to a new property.

Any time you move into a new property, you should install new locks on the doors. This goes for both residential and commercial properties. You have no way of knowing how many spare keys the previous owner handed out. The last thing that you want is for people that you don’t know to have keys that work in your locks. The best way to get around this problem is to simply install new locks.

3. After a renter moves out.

If you manage rental properties, you should always install new locks anytime a tenant vacates a property. Even if the original key is returned, they still may have made copies of it. Putting in new locks is the best way to ensure that your new tenants are properly protected.

4. After a robbery or break-in.

If someone breaks into your home or your place of business, you should quickly install new locks. Criminals often make copies of keys, saving them for future use. The first thing that you should do after a break-in is to contact one of the many locksmith companies Houston has to offer to rekey your doors.

5. After a divorce.

Going through a divorce is an extremely emotional process. Unfortunately, when people have heightened emotions, they don’t always make the best choices. Rekeying your locks will help prevent an ex-spouse from entering your property. Having new locks installed can help give you peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are protected.

6. If you lose your keys.

When it comes to deciding whether or not you need new locks after losing your keys, it is really a judgment call. In some cases, it may not be necessary. For instance, if you dropped your key in an area that is located far away from your home where people are unlikely to know exactly which door it opens, you probably don’t need to put in new locks. On the other hand, if your keys are stolen in your purse along with your driver’s license or other personally identifiable information, you should definitely rekey your locks. In essence, if there is a chance that someone could figure out which property the key belongs to, you should play it safe and have new locks installed.

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