Popalock Houston: Changing A Door Lock

If you are worried about who might have access to your home, it is time to change your lock. This is something that is very easy to do and all you need is a screwdriver. The most difficult part of changing a lock consists of replacing a deadbolt. You can easily learn how to replace a basic deadbolt with these instructions. This knowledge will come in useful, even though you might not think you need it at the moment. You should change your lock if you have lost your keys or believe someone might have made a copy of them. You should also change your lock if you had to cut ties with a toxic partner or kicked a roommate out. Make sure you change all the deadbolts on the different doors of your home to make sure no one can gain access to your belongings. If you have any reason to worry about who could have access to your home, changing the locks is the easiest way to restore your peace of mind. You can easily find a new lock at any local hardware store and replace it in less than ten minutes. You can always hire an expert to do it for you from Popalock Houston.

How To Find The Right Lock

Hardware and home improvement stores typically have a good selection of locks. The main thing to look for is the side on which the turning assembly is located. Look for a lock that is keyed on one side, and pay attention to the security rating. Locks that have better security features are usually not much more expensive. Look for the lock with the best security rating in your price range. Here is what you will typically get in a deadbolt kit:

– A deadbolt assembly.
– An interior turn assembly.
– A cylinder for the key lock.
– Screws and other mounting hardware.
– Some kits include a steel strike plate.

How To Remove Your Old Lock

You should be able to find two bolts in the assembly plate of the lock. Remove them, and remove the turn plate assembly as well. You can then pull the deadbolt lockout of the door. You are ready to install the new lock once there is a hole in your door.

How To Remove An Old Deadbolt

There is a deadbolt plate on the inside of your door. There are two screws that keep it attached to the door. Remove these screws and you will be able to pull the deadbolt out of the door. You can check out the services offered by Popalock Houston locksmiths. You may want to inquire and hire to receive assistance.

How To Install The New Deadbolt

Pay attention to the direction that different parts face when installing the new deadbolt. You want to make sure all the parts are facing up. There should be some labels or markings on the different parts. If you can’t find a label or any markings on the deadbolt you purchase, pay attention to the way the old deadbolt was installed. Once you have figured out which way is up, insert the deadbolt into the side of the door and secure it with the screws.

How To Insert A New Lock

Once the deadbolt is inserted into the door, you can install the new lock. You will see a bar that is protruding from the deadbolt lock. You need to insert this bar through the channel of the deadbolt. You can then insert the lock mechanism, but make sure that the keyhole is properly aligned. There is a channel in the turn assembly plate on the other side of the door. You will need to insert the deadbolt bar into this channel. You can then install the knob and secure the turn assembly to the door. You can finish the installation by securing the key assembly.

Test Your New Lock

Don’t close the door until you are sure the new lock works properly. Use the turn assembly to make sure you can open and close the door from the inside and outside. See if the key lock works properly. You can then test the lock with the door closed.

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