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An electric strike is a type of electronic locking device. It uses electric power and is utilized quite often with various kinds of locksets and other types of access control systems like biometric-enabled devices, buzzers, remote fob keys and card readers. When those devices are utilized, the electric current flow is interrupted by the action, and this helps to unlock a door without having to manually intervene to use the door.

Improved security levels are provided by an electric strike, along with convenience and ultimate access control levels. With so many benefits offered, it is clear why electric strike door locks have become so popular among business and homeowners. It is also easy to integrate electric strikes along with other types of access control devices so that your property has additional security layers. The locking devices come in various configurations and their versatility is what makes them a good fit for many kinds of door frames and doors as well as mechanical locksets such as exit hardware, cylindrical locks, and mortise locks.

Depending on how it is used, electric strike locks come in either traditional electric strike locks intended for heavy duty applications or low profile, compact models. Electric strikes, depending on what their mode of operation is, are available in fail-secure(stay locked even when there is a power outage) or fail-safe (is unlocked when there is no power) modes. Although fail-secure electric strikes work to protect against unauthorized access, the best result is provided when they are combined with panic bars or a mechanical lockset. The combination ensures that individual inside of the door are able to safely exit when there is an emergency.

Houston, Texas Electric Strikes Installation

The actual process of electric strike installation begins with selecting the right model for a door. There are, in fact, a number of prerequisites that need to be considered in order to achieve the best result like the kind of door, associated hardware, and latch, depth of cavity for accommodating the lock and the dimensions of the plate and door jamb. You also need to decide where you would like to install a fail-secure electric strike or fail-safe electric strike.

You also need to keep in mind that installation of an electric strike, whether it is a traditional type or compact one, does require quite a lot of preparation to the door and modifications that might involve having to drill holes. That is why it is important to hire an experienced and professional locksmith who has a thorough understanding of the requirements as well as underlying complications that are involved in installing, powering and repairing electric strikes.

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