9 Best Locks From Residential Houston Locksmiths

2. The August Smart Lock

In the list of locks that can’t be picked, this is definitely one of the top entries. This is mainly due to the fact that similar to any one of the Yale smart lock keyless versions, it has no keyway. Unfortunately, like a huge percentage of the other available smart locks, it is not considered to have what it takes to replace your deadbolt lock. It is only considered to be a worthy replacement of the thumb turn of the lock you are using at present. As such, it can be installed on any of the top front door locks listed here. This gives you the ability to still have your preferred level of exterior security while enhancing convenience. It is one of the most discreet smart lock discussed here, in addition to the fact that it is quite appealing due to its ability to be used in combination with top quality front door locks.

Intruders will be oblivious of the fact that they can attempt a cyber attack due to the fact that it’s located inside the building/structure. In addition to using an energy efficient Bluetooth connection, the August can also use WiFi communication when used in conjunction with the August Connect. The company’s track record is considered to be one of the main reasons why the August outranks other similar thumb turn replacement smart locks available on the market. Most competitors, which are marketing less discrete alternatives, have not been in existence long enough to suggest that they will be here to make the necessary and unavoidable future software updates.

Salient Features:

• Convenient deadbolt thumb turn replacement option

• Standard Bluetooth Communication

• Supports WiFi control via additional accessories

• Pairs well with top quality door locks for front doors

3. The Schlage Sense

This is a great smart lock in a meat and potatoes kind of way. You can be able to pair the smart lock with other smart devices in your building thanks to its Z-Wave capability. In addition to the top quality cylinder, the Schlage will warn you remotely if the keyway is tampered with, thanks to the inbuilt alarm system. The best use of the smartphone pairing capability is best expressed in the form of the remote alert feature. Given time all locks can actually be picked; however, not all can contact you to prompt a response when an attempt is made.

Choosing between the Yale Real Living and this product can be somewhat of a challenge when using versions that come with a keyed cylinder; this feature is standard for the Schlage. Where some of the available options are unused, identifying the best smart front door locks becomes more of a challenge. The Schlage Sense is, however, one of the top picks if you are looking for a smart lock that also comes with a keyed cylinder as back-up.

Salient Features:

• Supports smartphone, touchpad and keyed cylinder operation

• Supports Z-Wave, and even Bluetooth communication when Apple HomeKit integration is used

• Inbuilt tamper alarm for the Keyway

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