Tip 1: Deadbolts

Single Cylinder: with this type of deadbolt a key is needed to use on the outside lock and the inside needs to have a thumb turn. This kind of deadbolt has been designed for wooden or solid metal doors that don’t have glass panes or windows that are within 40 inches of the door lock.

Double Cylinder: with this type of deadbolt a key is needed to operate the lock from both the inside and the outside. This kind of deadbolt has been designed to use on doors with windows of panes of glass that are within 40 inches of the door lock. The deadbolt style prevents a would-be intruder from being able to punch the glass out, and then reach inside and unlock the door. It needs to be noted that this kind of lock does pose a possible fire hazard. Make sure to have extra keys placed around your house strategically at all times in case there is a fire.

Tip 2: Single Sided Deadbolts

Keyed Style: this type of deadbolt functions in the exact same way that a thumb-turn deadbolt works. However, to lock the deadbolt, a key must be used that allows this kind of lock to be used on a door that has glass panes. Note that this kind of lock poses a possible fire hazard. Always make sure to have extra keys placed around your house strategically in case there is a fire.

Thumb Turn Style: this kind of deadbolt only has a thumb-turn on the door’s inside which means that it is invisible to outside intruders. It provides an extra level of security while you are at home. Just like with a single cylinder deadbolt, this kind of lock has been designed to be used with a wooden or solid metal doors that doesn’t have windows or panes of glass within 40 inches of the door lock.

Tip 3: Re-enforced Kick Proof Strikes

The most common and easiest way for an intruder to get into you home is to kick in your door. The FBI report that in 2010 residential property burglaries account for 73.9% of total burglaries, with 60.5% of them involving forced entry. There are various kinds of kick proof strike plates that are available in today’s market. We recommend KickProof’s rebar door security device. For more information, visit kickproof.com.

Tip 4: Door Hinges

Any exterior door hinges ideally need to be remounted through the use of 3-4 No. 10 screws. That will enable the screw to be able to pass through the .5 inch trim, the 1-inch air gap at the frame shimming and then into the 2 x 4 stud where the door frame attaches. Please note: be sure to not over tighten any hinge screws; over torquing can pull the frame away from the plum.

Tip 5: Door Viewers

Before you open your door, you should know who is there. A door viewer or peephole should be installed on all accessible exterior doors. A door viewer is what we recommend. A conventional standard peephole will only provide a very limited view whereas a door viewer gives a much wider panoramic view of whatever is on the other side of your door.

Tip 6: Burglar Resistant Film and Window Locks

The weakest link of all in your home security is the windows. However, there are some products that are available in the marketplace that will add extra protection to your house. Armor Glass is a type of protective film that works to “armor your glass” against burglars being able to break it. The product has been designed to ward off explosions, vandals, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and burglars, in addition to blocking 99% of all harmful UV rays. These days a majority of windows have standard locking mechanisms on them. For added security, we recommend mechanical window or stand-alone keyed locks. You can buy these at a local home improvement or hardware store. It is easy to install these locks and a locksmith is not required.

Tip 7: Sliding Glass Doors and Double Doors

Sliding glass and door doors do not offer much security. You should replace either of these with a single wooden or solid metal door. Here are a couple of tips if you are unable to replace them:

Double doors: you should make one of the doors stations by having a slide bolt that interlocks the lower and upper halves of the door. Secure the active door with a keyless deadbolt and deadbolt. If there are glass panes in the door, treat the glass with a protective film (as discussed above) in addition to a double cylinder deadbolt along with a one sided key styled deadbolt.

Sliding glass doors: to secure sliding glass doors, the most effective method is to use a Charlie bar and apply burglar resistant film to the glass.

One of the potentially frightening and dangerous crimes that a family can experience is a home invasion robbery. Prevention is the first line of defense coming between a would-be intruder and your family. Whether you select our Houston Texas locksmith services or go with a competitor, we strongly encourage you to take all of the necessary steps in order to protect your family and yourself.

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