If you’re looking for the best locksmith company in Houston, you have come to the right place. Pop-A-Lock is an all-inclusive security provider in Houston. We are a premier locksmith company in Houston providing both residential and commercial services. Choosing a locksmith company is always complicated but we have simplified everything for you. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a locksmith company.


The best locksmith service should have proper licensing and certification to provide these services in Houston. In the state of Texas, both the locksmith company and the individual locksmiths need separate licenses. Therefore, inquire about it the licensing as well as the proof of insurance before hiring any locksmith.

Affordable Cost

Certainly, you wouldn’t want to hire a locksmith company that charges exorbitant prices. That’s why you need to ask for a price estimate before hiring any locksmith. It’s advisable to ask for a few price estimates from different companies. Additionally, you should compare and contrast, to find the differences in the charges and find the most affordable one. Don’t forget to ask for coupon codes, offers or discounts that might reduce the price even further.

Proof Of Existence

Naturally, most locksmith services are quite expensive. Therefore, before hiring any locksmith company, you need to find out whether they have a physical location. That way, in the event of any queries or concerns, you can always visit the company’s physical location and talk to the person in charge. Additionally, a company with a physical location is definitely the best way to avoid being conned.

Well, if you’re looking for a locksmith company that meets these qualities, you’re in luck. Pop-A-Lock in Houston will provide exceptional locksmith services to serve both your commercial and residential needs. Having been in business for the last 7 decades, we have enough experience, a stellar reputation and also all our locksmiths are properly licensed as well as our company. Additionally, we offer very affordable prices surpassing all of our competitors.

Our services are unrivaled with top quality. Therefore, when you hire us, you can always rest assured that you will be satisfied with all our services. Additionally, our locksmiths can advise you on other security measures to make sure your home is completely protected. Call or contact us today and let us keep your home and business safe.