A majority of people do not know that front doors are a strategic point of access to a house. Therefore, if a door has any weak point or loophole, it is actually an invitation to burglary. The question is: are you sure the entry point of your home is secure? If you are not sure, it is wise to have someone look at it. At the same time, there are few ways you can improve the security of your front door, without spending a lot of money.

1. Investing In A Solid Door

This point is self-explanatory and direct to the point. The thing you need to keep in mind is that solid doors are made of high-quality material compared to non-solid doors. Therefore, if you have a hollow door, then it is time to consider replacing it with solid wood core or fiberglass doors. Doing this will make your door resistant to breaking or kicking.

2. Installing A Heavy Duty Deadbolt Lock

Having a high-quality deadbolt lock installed is a cost effective way that will surely add more value to your front-door overall security system. The truth is that there are of course other high-tech options available to you that will increase home security. However, professionals do recommend the use of deadbolt locks with other first-grade security rating options. They will all play a significant role in your overall home’s security.

It is essential to ensure the deadbolt extends into the door jump. Also, do not forget to replace existing strike plates with solid deep pocket metal strikes. The metal strikes should firmly be affixed into the wall stud using 3-inch screws. Make sure that you have checked that the lock does not have any visible screws.

3. Installing Wide-Angled Peephole

Even though latest home security gadgets, locks, and other devices are important to home security; wide-angled peepholes are also vital to safety. Some burglars simply ring the door waiting for you to open it. Therefore, to protect yourself from such an attack, you should consider installing a wide angled peephole installed (also known as digital viewer peephole). A peephole will allow you to discreetly screen your visitors, letting you decide whether to open the door or not. Digital peephole cameras are incredibly easy to install.

4. Installing Motion Detection Light

Did you know that lighting systems play a very big role when it comes to security? Installing front-door motion detection light will play a very big role compared to even locks. Dark areas are perfect spots for burglars to hide, while planning their next move or waiting for an opportunity. However, detection lights will alert you if anything suspicious is happening or unexpected movement.

5. Rekey Locks

It does not matter if you have moved into a new property or simply lost your spare keys; rekeying is a great way to ensure that no one has access to your home. Therefore, if you happen to share your keys with any third party, such as friends, service people, contractors, babysitters and others; you should have the locks rekeyed often.

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