Here at Pop-A-Lock Houston, our aim is to be your all-inclusive security company for everyone in Houston’s north suburbs. As your trusted Houston commercial locksmith, we are very proud to provide a broad range of commercial locksmith services to ensure that your business stays as secure and safe as possible at all times. Installing our high-security locks and keys is one of the locksmith services that we provide along with many others.

Physically Overpowering

The major benefit that our high-security locks and keys offer is a high level of physical security that regular locks do not provide. We offer many high-security locks and keys. Those products increase your security significantly over standard locks due to using:

Lock technology making them much harder to drill or pick. Key technology making it nearly impossible to duplicate unless you happen to be an authorized locksmith or the technician who issued the key originally. Those locks are as impenetrable as they come. It is virtually impossible to use a different key for opening these locks.

Keeps You In Control

Our locks and keys are not only beneficial due to the additional security that they provide – but they will provide you with key control as well. What that means is Primus keys we offer are restricted only to Pop-A-Lock Houston. There are no other hardware store or locksmith that will have the ability to duplicate them. That isn’t merely a warning stamped on the key – trying to recreate it is nearly impossible for anybody else to do! What that means is you will know at all times who has your keys and how many have been loaned out. You won’t need to worry about a disgruntled employee making a copy of a key while still working for you and then using it to steal from or harm your company. Our high-security locks and keys give you control at all times over who can enter and leave your business.

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