Smart locks are quite the market trend right now. Given the always advancing technology, many of these locks now offer features and amenities that consumers couldn’t dream of ten years ago. Still, they’re not all the same. Many manufacturers add so many bells and whistles to their models that they get away from the emphasis and focus of security functions. Still, others mark up their prices to premiums for locks they call ‘smart’ but don’t have the latest and greatest technology. Whether you search on your own or work with a Houston locksmith company, keep reading to learn 6 things you should look for in a smart lock:

The Security They Provide

The security features of any lock need to be your primary consideration, whether you’re picking a traditional lock or a smart one. If you want something that can hold up to a heavy dose of force, then ANSI Grade 1 deadbolts are good choices. Also, keep an eye out for features that protect against lock picking and bumping. Also, your smart lock needs robust cyber security measures to mitigate hacking risks. If you’re not personally up to speed on current authentication protocols, then consulting a Houston locksmith company that is can help you figure out any technological matters.

The App Factor

Be mindful of just which particular app your smart lock makes use of, as well as the available features. The better apps let you run lock diagnostics, track logs of who is using the lock as well as when, and even lock and unlock your door easily right from your smartphone.

The Battery Lifespan And Backup

Traditional locks are of course fully mechanical in nature, but smart locks have to have battery power. Can you imagine what might happen if your smart lock runs out of power at a truly inconvenient time though? Various smart locks handle this issue each in their own ways. A few snap right on top of your current deadbolt, or they might include a traditional deadbolt mechanism as part of their total package. Others go into hibernation or low-energy states to conserve energy when the battery power is low, so they serve you longer with basic functionality before dying off completely.

Electronic Key Control Possibilities

The best smart locks the market has to offer give you the power to create individualized electronic keys that can give their designated user access for a certain time period. Once that time period expires, any assigned electronic key is deactivated automatically. You also have the power to override the system manually and revoke an electronic key anytime you want. You can even generate a tracking log of the electronic keys to know within second who currently has or has had access to your business or home.

Ability To Connect Remotely

One of the more entertaining yet useful aspects of a good smart lock is the power for remote connectivity. That lets you check on your locked door and even lock and unlock it from anywhere you get a wireless or Wi-Fi signal. You can even use it to let in a pet sitter, neighbor, or family member picking up your mail.

Integration With Home Security

High-end industry models have the power to integrate with any other home security technology or devices you might have, which lets you monitor and even control the whole security system remotely. For instance, your smart lock could trigger the surveillance system cameras to record footage or images when a lock is bypassed while also setting off alarms and notifying police. It’s not always mandatory to buy products all from the same line, but you do need to make sure that your various security system components, including the smart lock, are all compatible with one another.

Smart locks of today are far more advanced than the ones that were first introduced to the market, and the technology involved keeps evolving rapidly. On the other hand, not every lock is equal to each other. Put in some good time in shopping around, and talk to Houston locksmith companies who have experience in dealing with smart locks so you can find the ideal fits for your personal situation and needs.

You never know when a locksmith situation will present itself in your life, be it being locked out of your car or needing your home’s locks changed after an incident. It makes sense to already have a Houston locksmith company you know you can trust to come help you out when things do happen rather than try and shop around while worrying for your safety! Call or contact Pop-A-Lock Houston today!