How To Make Sure Your Home’s Windows Are Secure With Houston TX Locksmith Services

Windows are an important part of any home. Not only do they allow light to get in but they also provide you with a view of the outdoors. There is nothing better than sitting down with a good book next to a sunny window or watching birds flit around your yard from inside the comfort of your home. Despite all of the benefits that windows have to offer, they do have one major downside: they can make it easier for people to break into your home.

1. Properly Maintain Your Windows

Over time, the security features that are built into residential windows can fail. For instance, locks may become rusty or broken, making it easier for people to break in. From a safety standpoint, older windows can also be problematic. If they are difficult to open, it can make it much harder to escape from the home in the event of a fire or some other type of emergency. Take an honest look at your windows. Are they easy to open and close? Are they broken or damaged? Are the locks secure enough to provide you with the protection that you need? If not, you should consider contacting a company that provides Houston TX locksmith services to help you make your windows more secure.

2. Keep Your Windows Covered

One of the ways that thieves decide whether or not to break into a property is by looking through the windows. If they can see valuable items sitting out in plain sight, they are more likely to break in. One way to prevent this problem is by covering your windows with blinds or drapes. This can keep people from being able to see in, providing you with privacy and protecting your belongings. For an added layer of security, you may even want to install shutters. Ideally, you should choose locking shutters to provide the most security for your home. For information on home security, click here.

3. Put Your Window Locks To Use

A surprising number of homeowners don’t use the locks on their windows. In some cases, they don’t even have window locks. If you are lucky enough to have windows with locks, make sure that you always keep the locks engaged when the windows are closed. Modern technology has revolutionized window locks. Currently, there are locks available that are capable of detecting intruders. You may want to upgrade your locks so that you can take advantage of this extra protection. Even if you don’t want to invest in new locks, there are other ways that you can boost your home’s security. For instance, if you have casement windows, you can cut pieces of wood to fit perfectly in the track so that the window can’t be opened from the outdoors. You can also add a screw at the top of the frame. This will help prevent intruders from being able to remove the window itself from the track. If you have double-hung windows, you can also increase their security by installing a special pin lock. These locks are designed to keep the windows from opening.

4. Make Sure All Of Your Windows Are As Secure As Possible

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is only securing the windows on the lower level of their home. As it turns out, however, thieves often break in through windows on the upper floors. They may use ladders or nearby trees to gain access. To provide the greatest level of protection for your family and your belongings, you should make sure that all of the windows in your house are properly secured, regardless of which floor they are on.

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