Local Locksmith Gives Nine Methods to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock

1. Professional Key Extractor Tools – A key can break off in a lock at any time, which is why there is a specialized tool to help remove a broken key from a lock. Most people do not own one of these tools; however, if you do own one, grab it. Professional key extractor tools can be purchased at hardware stores or online for a few dollars. If you decide to go to your local hardware store, call ahead to ensure they have one in stock.

To use the professional key extractor tool, you will need to slide it into the lock beside the broken key. Once it extractor is in the lock, twist it and pull to help remove the key. The small hook on the end of the extractor will catch onto the teeth of your key. It may take several tries to grab ahold of the key and remove; however, with persistence, you should be able to remove your key.

2. Tap the Lock – You may be able o remove a broken key from a lock that has a removable cylinder or a padlock without any tools. Use your strength and gravity to help slide the key out of the lock. Add a bit of lubricant to the lock to help the key slide out easily.

Firmly grasp your lock and tap it against a hard surface. Make sure that the keyhole is not covered as you tap the lock. The key may slide completely out of the lock or slide out enough for you to use a pair of pliers to grasp the key and pull it from the lock.

3. Use a Jigsaw to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock – If you don’t have enough time to visit a store to purchase a key extractor tool, you can make your own.

Your local hardware store may not carry locksmithing tools; however, they do have a number of jigsaw blades that may help you remove a broken key from your lock. Typically, jigsaw blades are sold in multiple packs. If you have a jigsaw blade lying around, it can help you remove a broken key from a lock.

You will use the jigsaw blade just like you would use a key extractor. however, you will want to break off the thick portion of the blade so that it will fit into the lock. The serrations of a jigsaw blade are angled. So, you want to ensure that the blades are pointed towards you as you insert the blade into the lock. Slide the blade into the lock along the key. Once you reach the end of the key, the teeth of the jigsaw blade will grasp the key just like the extractor tool does. Pull the jigsaw blade towards you to remove the key. Just like the extractor tool, it may take a few times to get it right. The key is to not become frustrated. If you find yourself frustrated, take a break for a couple of minutes and try again. Soon, you will have that broken key removed from your lock.


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