Houston Locksmith: How to Safely Break Into Your Vehicle Part Two

If you have accidentally locked your keys in your vehicle, you may need to unlock your car yourself. A slim metal tool or a coat hanger can be used to unlock a car door.

Method 3: Unlocking Your Vehicle Door From the Outside

Many times, you may find that using a lockout tool called a Slim Jim can quickly and easily unlock your vehicle door from the outside. Although this technique does require a little more finesse, it can be done. If you are not careful, you could accidentally damage the wires inside your vehicle door or damage your weather stripping.

Step One – Making a Slim Jim Tool

You can use a coat hanger or a long thin piece of metal to fashion a Slim Jim. Begin by straightening out the metal and forming a hook on one end of the metal. This hook will be the end that is slid into the door.

Step Two – Inserting the Slim Jim

Because there are typically numerous wires in the driver’s door, it is best if you use the Slim Jim on the passenger’s door. Slide the tool between the weather stripping located at the bottom of the window and the window itself.

Step Three – Open the Lock

Use the hook of your tool to open the lock. The locking device is located below the locking pin. Use the hook and grab the locking device by sliding the hook back and forward until it catches on the mechanism. Then pull upward to unlock the door.

Method 4: Gain Entry Through Your Trunk

If you have manual locks, there is a chance that the trunk will not be locked even if the doors of the vehicle are locked. If the trunk is unlocked, you may be able to gain entry through the trunk. You may need a car locksmith.

Step One – Open Your Trunk

Once the trunk is opened, look along the back of the trunk to see if there is any way to gain entry into the interior of your car.

Step Two – Push Your Rear Seat Forward

Look for a lever that can be either pulled or pushed that lowers the rear seat and then push the seat forward. Oftentimes, there will be a cable that can be pulled to lower the seats. Look along the edges of your rear seats for a lever or cable to lower your rear seats.

Step Three – Get In Your Car

Once you have lowered your rear seat, crawl into the car so you can manually unlock your doors. These techniques are an effective way to get into a locked car; however, it can look suspicious. If you are approached by the authorities, remain calm and explain the situation to them.

Houston Locksmith

If the methods described above do not work, don’t be tempted to break a window to get into your car. This is a costly and dangerous method. Instead, contact a Houston locksmith specialist to help you quickly gain access to your car. These highly trained specialists have the tools and techniques needed to unlock your car and get you on the road quickly. (713) 722-0060. Check out our blog.