A Few Different Ways To Pick Your Doorknob

Use A Credit Card

1. Be sure that the lock is a spring bolt. This type of lock has a spring-loaded lock and an angled edge. This type of lock is very common. The credit card method doesn’t work with other kinds of locks. Usually, a spring bolt lock is found on a doorknob. The method won’t work if there is a deadbolt on the door.

2. Select a card that can be replaced. The method will likely bend the card and it might break.

3. Insert your card between the frame and door. Slight the card into where the latch on the lock is, right next to the doorknob. To make its way in, the card will need to bend.

4. Push firmly forward while moving your card up and down. You are attempting to get your card to catch on the latch that holds the door shut. You are trying to get your card to slide up next to the smooth edge to push in the latch.

5. Bend your card in the direction away from the door. That places pressure on the actual latch and will force it back into the door and away from the doorway.

6. As you are working the card, turn the knob. Start to turn the knob as you are pushing the card to open your door. As the card slides beyond the latch, it should free up the knob to turn and that should open the door. You could also look into hiring a Houston Locksmith.

How to Pen a Push Button Lock

1. You can open this type of lock from the outside through using various items. Anything that is straight and long that fits inside of the hold in the center of the doorknob will probably work. You can consider using a wire clothes hanger, paperclip, or hairpin.

2. Find the hole. There will be a small hole in the middle of the doorknob on a majority of push button locks. If you can’t find it, check the knob stem or the area where the knob connects to the door. There should be a small hole.

3. Take a paperclip and insert it into the hole and then push. Keep pushing the pin inside of the hole until it catches. Push your pin forward and apply pressure. There should be a clicking sound. That should pop open the push button lock.