9 Best Front Door Locks From Houston Area Locksmiths Pt5

Mortise locks have different construction than standard rim cylinder deadbolts. This kind of lock cylinder may be threaded into the lock body, and that slips into a rectangular-shaped pocket that is pre-cut in the door. It is easy to replace and remove these cylinders without having to completely replace the current lock body. It is essential to ensure that the old cylinder’s diameter is consistent with the high-security cylinder that you want to replace it with. To ensure you have the best front door locks, it is important to get the measurements right. If a product doesn’t fit correctly, it most likely will not function properly either.

7. Mul-T-Lock Mortise Cylinder

This is a high-security lock that takes into account nearly every security vulnerability possible. The highly secure MT5+ model is the lock core. Anyone who wants to try open this lock covertly will have a lot of work ahead of them. It is possible to bump and pick this lock, but it highly unlikely that they will work. The internal mechanisms feature a high overall complexity, and there are numerous resources and skills that make it extremely unlikely that a bump key will work. Picking this type of high-security lock does require a high level of commitment that a majority of criminals do not possess.

As previously mentions, keys are used by these cylinders that are hard to copy without the correct purchasing documentation. Also, key blanks are not as readily available as a majority of other standard locks are. However, covert entry protection by itself isn’t enough to make this one of the leading front door locks. The inner pines are a combination of stainless steel and nickel silver to prevent the core from being drilled out. There are other types of hardened steel inserts located throughout the lock. It is simply a lock core that is installed into a mortise lock body that has its own protection.

Key Features:

Anti-drill protection
Restricted key duplication
Sidebar and pin in pin anti-bump/anti-pick protection

8. Medeco Mortise Cylinder

One of today’s most highly trusted lock brands is Medeco. Burglars and even people who are mildly savvy about security have heard of the outstanding security provided by Medeco locks. There have been numerous claims made on different issues with those locks cores. However, steps have been taken by the company to address those failings. After several bypasses were exposed by Marc Weber Tobias in 2011, Medeco updated the locks so that they are not susceptible any longer to those previous vulnerabilities. If the lock you purchase was made after 2011, then it won’t have these vulnerabilities. That has resulted in a lock that is incredibly difficult to pick open and is extremely secure against forced entry attempts.

A pin tumbler is an internal mechanism. And it isn’t even a variation such as a simple lock or tubular lock. However, Medeco locks have tricky key pins. Angle cuts are used so that every pin must be rotated and elevated into the proper position. Lockpicking is very difficult due to the fact that needing to rotate and lift takes expert precision and time. Bumping isn’t impossible but is highly unlikely to succeed. These locks also feature anti-drill measures, which has earned the lock cylinder a 437 rating. The keys are controlled and hard to get through unregistered users using them.

Key Features:

Anti-drilling protection that is highly rated
Restricted Key Duplication
High bump key resistance
Unique key pins that make it unlikely that the lock will be picked


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