Popalock Houston: Steps to Take Right After a Home Invasion

Having to experience a home invasion or burglary is extremely frightening. You may feel afraid and traumatized, and it can be hard to know just what you should do. However, this article will discuss seven things that you can do right away so that you can get your family, your home, and yourself back to normal and live in your house again as soon as possible. Follow along with these 7 steps compiled by Popalock Houston locksmiths.

1. Leave the Scene of the Crime and Don’t Touch Anything

If you arrive at your house and notice that things seem out of place, step back out of your home slowly and don’t touch anything. If anyone is hurt or injured, call 911 immediately. Then be sure to leave the premises. You do not want to disturb any evidence, get injured, or accidentally interrupt a criminal who is still in the act of robbing you. Quickly and calmly move yourself and your family to a safe place, like a family member or neighbor’s house.

2. Take Care of Your Family and Pets

Be sure that you know where each of your children is. If you can, make plans for them to stay with a babysitter, friend, or family member for a short time. This step helps make sure that you can give your full attention to handling the events that have occurred all while keeping them safe.

3. Call the Police

Popalock Houston locksmiths suggest you call 911 or your local police’s nonemergency line and report a crime. When the police arrive, they will help assist you to complete a police report. This report will be important as you file an insurance claim, and may also help you in the process of attempting to retrieve your belongings. If you have photos of the items that were stolen, provide the police with copies of them, as well as the approximate cash value of each.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

If you have homeowners’ or renter’s insurance, you may be able to receive reimbursement for the items that were stolen, and the cost to repair any damage to your property. Contact your insurance company to find out what your policy covers and to learn how to file a claim. You’ll likely need any information you have about the specific items that were stolen, as well as a copy of the police report.

5. Clean Up Your Living Space and Make Repairs

Take some time to clean up anything that’s been scattered about, and repair anything that’s been broken or vandalized during the break-in. You may opt to do this on your own or to enlist your friends and family. You may also choose to contact a professional to handle the work. If you hire someone, keep your receipts for the insurance company in case they will reimburse you.

6. Evaluate Security Measures for the Future

It may be possible for you to feel a great deal safer in your home in the future if you add more security measures to your home. These can be as simple as adding deadbolts to the door or installing security cameras with your smart home system. Or, if you want to invest the money, you can have a professional install a full home security system.

7. Guard Your Emotions

Having to experience a burglary a the carelessness showed to your family and home during a break-in can trigger feelings of sadness, shock, fear, or anger. You will likely be dealing with these emotions in an ongoing cycle for the immediate future, and they may reoccur for quite some time. Be sure to ask others for support as needed, and take the time to set up visits with a professional for help in overcoming the trauma you’ve experienced.

Popalock Houston

If you are a victim of a home invasion or a burglary of any sort, you must take into account that your safety is your main priority. Once you have taken the steps to make sure that you and your family are safe you must reach out to a Popalock Houston locksmith so you can change the locks in your home or your vehicle. Popalock Houston locksmiths are always available to take your call. You can reach us by dialing (713) 722-0060. Visit our blog for more.