The Best Front Door Locks From Houston Locksmiths


5. BiLock

Made by an Australian manufacturer, the BiLock features a very innovative design. From its U-shaped keyway and look of its key, you can tell that the lock interacts with two different sidebars and sets of pins. That doubles how many pins have to be picked compared to other similar high-security locks. This lock is not going to be bumped open by anyone, due mainly to the shape of the key and the key distribution’s exclusivity. You need to have an extraordinary amount of skill to open one of those locks. There are two rocks with 6 pins each and false gates that make you think you are making some progress when actually you are just binding the lock.

One of the interesting phenomena with the lock is drill protection. There are no extra hardened steel inserts for deflecting drilling attacks. However, saying it isn’t drill resistant would be a mistake. The oddity and complexity of this lock would make it very unlikely that you would know the specific drill points. In terms of key control, these keys have extraordinary uniqueness. There is an active element in the latest BiLock keys at the best on the key that interacts with the bottom pin, which makes it even more difficult to pull off unauthorized duplication.

Key Features

  • Very difficult to covertly open
  • Restricted key duplication
  • Complexity-based drilling resistance
  • The locking mechanism is a 12 pin-double sidebar


6. Mul-T-Lock Hercular MT5+

An MT5+ core is installed with the Mul-T-Lock Hercular. A simple pin in pin system is used, along with an active element located on the key, and a slider sidebar mechanism. With this kind of pin in pin mechanism, the interior and exterior pin both are raised up to different sheer lines. That is beyond the ability of a majority of lock pickers, and definitely beyond burglars (who usually are not as good at being able to pick a lock as security professionals or hobbyists). It isn’t likely that the lock will be bumped, although it is possible technically. There is very little reason for you to need to worry that someone will copy your key since there are no readily available Mul-T-Lock key blanks and duplicates are made only for individuals who have the key code card for the lock (which is furnished with the lock).

Since practically no criminal can covertly open your lock, they will need to attempt to force it open. They will have a difficult time when trying to pry open the lock to get the bolt outside of the strike, even when making a gap in the door. Whenever the bolt is extended fully, the ball bearing produced and they grip the metal housing that is located on the inside part of the doorjamb. It is unlikely that cutting the bolt will work due to the fact that it has a solid hardened 1-inch steel bolt. There are ball bearings on all of the key drilling points (shear line, lock screws, etc) so that drilling is prevented and the drill bits glance off instead.

Key Features:

  • Restricted key duplication
  • Sidebar and pin in pin anti-bump/anti-pick protection
  • Ball bearing anti-drill protection
  • Anti-pry ball bearing strike plate housing
  • Hardened steel 1-inch bolt

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