Houston Locksmith Questions And Answers

Question: What does the term “rekey” mean?

Answer: there are actually two quite unique and distinct meaning to the term rekey. One of the first man’s is to change the combination of a specific lock, to create a new key for that lock, or to disable any keys that may have been previously used. This method is done to help resecure a business or home after a change in staff or burglary. Many times, new homeowners will have a home “rekeyed” to ensure that they are the only ones with management to the house. In the case of businesses, a rekeying is done after there has been a change in management or staff. In this process, the only part that gets change if the lock that takes the key and all original hardware remains the same. The term rekey may also mean to replace the 80 that has been broken, stolen, or lost. This process is quite different than the recombination of a lock. In this scenario, the original key is remanufactured and the combination of the lock remains unchanged. While both of these services share the same name, the actual process is quite different between the two.

Question: What does the term certified Locksmith mean?

Answer: a certified Houston locksmith is somebody who has studied and graduated through an apprenticeship or an accredited school in the art of locksmithing. As a Houston locksmith works towards a certification they learn the trade of locksmithing in an effort to be as experienced as possible in the field. During this time they will gain a full understanding of the many types of locks and keys as well as various aspects that may be a challenge in their overall performance and repair. While a noncertified locksmith is able to do pretty much the same tasks, they may not fully understand the principles of locks and certain problems may be more difficult to repair. In addition, a certified Houston locksmith will continue to train throughout their career, this involves keeping up with new innovations and products in the industry to ensure they have the most current knowledge to provide the ultimate in service.

Question: Is it wise to use the same key for all of my doors?

Answer: This is a topic that almost all law enforcement and locksmiths agree on for the sake of safety. If you need to get into your house or business quickly, it is much easier to have one single key as opposed to fumbling through countless keys. This is especially true if you are being pursued by an animal or individual or in the case of bad weather. The premise is to enter your business or home as easily and quickly as possible.

Question: How is a locksmith able to rekey my locks and what exactly is a “cylinder”?

The cylinder is the part of the lock that takes the key and turns in order to unlock the door, which is also known as the key cylinder. This is the area of the lock that will need to be recommitted to use a new key and will need to be removed from the lock. When the lock has been fully removed, the key cylinder is also removed from the lock for the process of recombination, then fully reassembled and installed back into the door. For entrance door knobs that only have one cylinder, they will need to be changed. A deadbolt may have the opportunity to be keyed on the outside or in the case of a double deadbolt on both sides. A single deadbolt will count as only one cylinder and double deadbolt count as two cylinders, with both sides needing to be changed during a recombination effort. The vast majority of locksmiths will typically only rekey locks in a hurry and forget about any other potential problems with the locker door that may leave it the phone or vulnerable to damage. A trusted Houston locksmith will rekey your door, bolts, locks and ensure that the door is secure for maximum efficiency. It is essential that the hinges, as well as any attached closers, have been adjusted and lubricated.

Contacting A Professional Houston Locksmith

The best door in the world is the one that has no problems and you never notice on a day-to-day basis. It is essential to find a Houston locksmith who is able to leave your door in better condition than they found it. When the lock has been corrected, it should be able to be used by any member of the family or business. Finally, ensure that the locksmith offers a guarantee on the work that they have provided for you. You want to ensure that your home or business is safe and that the locksmith is capable enough of their work that they are able to provide a guarantee. For more related content visit the blog. Contact us by calling (713) 722-0060.