Hiring A Locksmith: The Normal Costs

Almost every situation that obliges you to call a locksmith is a frustrating one. Whether you need your locks changed out or need an accidental lockout fixed in a hurry, you want to get the problem resolved quickly and professionally. In order to avoid damage or other complications, it’s essential to hire someone who will be both effective and trustworthy.

The average cost of a locksmith service call in the US is $153. The common price range stretches all the way from $96 to $210; the exact sort of service you need will be the most significant pricing factor. Here are some solid general tips to keep in mind when you pick out a locksmith:

Some local locksmith advertisements connect you to companies that may not be local and whose employees may not be competent. Intimidation tactics, “hard selling,” and over-charging are all risks with these sorts of locksmiths.

Pay attention to the way a locksmith answers the phone. If you get a generic-sounding phrase (e.g. “locksmith services”) instead of a proper company name, be suspicious. Ask for the company’s legal name. If the person you’re talking to is cadgy about providing it, find a different locksmith.

Whenever possible, contact multiple locksmiths (three or four will do). Give each one a basic overview of the problem and see how much they will charge to fix it.

Before making a commitment, find out as much as possible about a locksmith. Ask questions about training, experience, insurance, and the way they price their work.

You want a locksmith who keeps up to date with recent security developments. Even if you don’t need biometric security systems, your security expert should be someone who understands the cutting edge.

Be wary if your locksmith proposes “drill and replace” as a fix to a simple lockout. Professional locksmiths should be able to unlock virtually any door or vehicle without causing damage.

For a vehicle lockout, start by calling any roadside assistance service you happen to have. They will be able to point you toward a pre-approved locksmith whose trustworthiness has been verified.

Changing Locks

Changing the locks on your home costs between $30 and $300. It will vary based on the type of locks being removed and installed. Changing your locks is essential when you move into a new home. It may also be a good idea after a burglary or other event that makes you more concerned about your safety.

The Cost Of Locksmith Services

Home Lockout:

Getting a locksmith to come to your home and open a door will cost between $35 and $150. This will cost more outside of business hours (nights, weekends, holidays) – off-hour service can cost up to $250.

Key Copying:

This generally costs $1-4 per key. Copying special keys may cost as much as $20.


This service will cost $40 to $100. Most locksmiths charge an added fee per additional lock rekeyed; this fee is usually $5 to $25 per cylinder. Note that rekeying a lock is not the same as replacing it. The locksmith will rearrange the cylinder pins so that old keys do not work anymore. Rekeying is cheaper than replacement.

Lock Replacement:

Changing a door lock will cost between $40 and $100. There is typically an additional charge for labor, which averages $20 to $30 per lock.

High-Tech Solutions

If you find it challenging to keep track of your keys, the latest security technology offers you interesting alternatives. Modern locks can be operated by passcodes, Bluetooth, or biometrics. While these high-tech locks free you from the burden of carrying keys, they are often expensive to maintain and they might expose you to security risks. Upgrading your locks to use high-tech systems generally costs between $100 and $500, depending on the specific type of system you want.

Car Lockouts

Everybody has managed to lock their keys in their car at least once. Professional locksmiths have seen it all: keys on the seat, keys in a purse, even, occasionally, keys locked in the trunk. Some cars have special design features to help resolve lockouts, but if you have an older car or are unaware of, say, a special quick release function, you need a professional locksmith.

A proper auto locksmith has both the training and experience required to open car doors quickly and safely, without causing any damage. With the right expertise and tools, it takes just minutes to open any car.

A simple car unlocking costs, on average, $30 to $50. If you need to have a vehicle lock replaced, you can expect to pay between $25 and $130. The deciding factors, in this case, are how old your car is and how sophisticated its locks are.

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