Car Locksmith Houston Pros: Keeping Children Safe From The Dangers Of Vehicle Lockouts

Temperatures around Houston have been hitting all-time highs lately. At the same time, we’re seeing a surge in the number of calls we get to rescue children from locked cars. Parents sometimes rush off to run a brief errand, thinking their kids cannot come to any harm if they leave them in the vehicle even for a brief moment. In other cases parents simply forget their children momentarily because they can get distracted by having so many things going on in their heads. This is a situation you want to avoid at all costs. When summer temperatures are at their highest, the temperature inside a locked car can become dangerous in mere minutes. Below is a quick overview compiled by car locksmith Houston experts, of some recent news stories on children being locked in cars, followed by our advice on what you can do to protect your own family from this potential tragedy.

Walmart Parking Lot Rescue

A fresh story of an unattended child in a car has started making the rounds around the world. This particular child was spotted by a passing pedestrian who called 911. Police and paramedics responded swiftly and located the child’s mother. The situation was serious enough that the police took the mother into custody and delivered the child (just six weeks old) to the father. Fortunately, the child was unharmed in this case, but the regularity with which we hear stories like this shows how real the danger is. Sometimes in more unfortunate situations, kid, and babies, are not so lucky. This is something to remember any time your little ones are in the car with you.

Houston Rescue Video

An impressive video regarding a trapped child in Houston went viral last week. In this case, a rushed mother was loading up her car and managed to get both her children and her keys locked inside. She understood the danger involved and immediately began treating the situation as a proper emergency. Unfortunately, when she called her insurance company, she was informed that dispatching a free locksmith would take up to two hours. Instead of calling the police for faster help, the mother took immediate action. With the help of some good Samaritans, she bashed in the car’s rear window and climbed through it to save her children. The mother was doubtless left with a dim opinion of both her insurance company and the company’s partners in the locksmith trade. Who takes a call from a mother in a crisis and tells her help is two hours away? If you’d like to see the video yourself, we’ve provided a link to it below.

3-Year-Old Lock-In Turns Fatal

Most seriously and sadly, we’ve seen evidence in the recent past verifying just how deadly vehicular heat stroke can be. In this case, a three-year-old boy was playing outside without supervision. The boy’s parents were sleeping. When they awoke, the boy was missing. The parents searched frantically before finally finding both their child and the family dog locked inside their car. The boy had managed to lock himself and the pet in; both were dead when the parents found them. Authorities later estimated that it took hardly more than a half hour for the boy and dog to succumb to automotive heat stroke. This story is a sobering reminder of the vigilance that parents need to exercise in the summer months. Children who are too young to save themselves are still old enough to be at serious risk. You can check out the different services offered by Popalock by clicking here.

Car Locksmith Houston Expert

As we have covered in this article, it is of great importance to understand that we cannot leave our children inside vehicle especially not during the incredibly hot Houston summer. We also understand that sometimes accidents happen and there may be situations where kids are accidentally locked inside a car. In this particular situation, you must be prepared and you can do that by having a car locksmith Houston professional on speedial. To speak with car locksmith Houston professional call us at (713) 722-0060. Visit our blog for related content.