Does your upcoming weekend “honey-do-list” include replacing any loose door knobs? It might sound like something easy to do, but we frequently hear from beginners about making these kinds of basic mistakes.

Before trying to replace those door knobs, check the list of common mistakes below so that you can avoid them! Go over our following step-by-step guide while this information is still fresh in your mind to learn how to remove those old door knobs and securing your home the right way!

Common Door Lock Buying Mistakes

Buying Too Cheap

Purchasing cheap door locks can make it easier for a majority of novice burglars to pick or bump them. When you are shopping for a lock, make sure it is a two-grade lock at least. Paying a lower price isn’t worth sacrificing your security for.

Buying Locks That Are Too Fancy

You can just as easily go too fancy as you can going too cheap. DigiLockital door locks are potentially an excellent security solution. You just need to consider the level of difficulty and installation process.

You can always hire an aaa locksmith Houston to perform the installation for you if you insist on having a specific high-tech product.

Not Taking Weather Conditions Into Account

If you need a door lock to put on an external door, then make sure to take the weather conditions into account. Extreme weather fluctuations may cause a door to warp and prevent it from locking. Look for locks that don’t have push-button codes, don’t require batteries and are waterproof.

Failing To Check Out The Door Material

There are some door locks that are intended to be used with certain kinds of door styles or materials. For example, you might buy a lock that is intended to be used with a solid-core door and not a fiberglass, steel or glass door. Make sure to ask a store clerk for assistance.

Common Mistakes With Door Lock Installations

Incorrectly Orienting A New Lock

One very common mistake made by many homeowners is improperly putting on a new deadbolt or door knob and not realizing it until the screws are installed. Be sure to look at your new lock from the right orientation.

Misaligning Your New Lock

If you need to replace a deadbolt door lock, make sure that the deadbolt is properly aligned. Otherwise you might end up needing to buy a whole new door. Be sure that all three of the holes are properly aligned.

Drilling Holes From The Wrong Direction

If you need to drill a saw hole into the door, start from the inside of the door and watch for the drill as it start to show on the outside of the door. When you first start seeing it, stop drilling and then switch to the other side before you keep drilling. That will help to minimize potential damage and splintering of the door.

Measuring From The Door’s Bevel

If you do not measure a door properly it won’t close correctly. Be sure to measure the door from the side that isn’t beveled.

Locking Yourself Out

Once you get a new lock installed, you will want to test it out. Make sure you have the keys on you first! The last thing you want to do is lock yourself out of your house.

Failing To Follow Instructions

If it’s your first time installing a door know or door lock, then looking through the instructions is a good idea. There is a reason why they are included.

It might seem like an easy job to install a new door knob or door lock. However, all it takes is a single minor mistake for a lock not to work correctly, and therefore compromise your security.

If these small mistakes are combined it can make for a very frustrating situation instead of that easy task for you to check off of that “honey-to-do-list” of yours.

If you happen to find yourself in an especially frustrating situation, just give the AAA locksmith Houston company Pop-a-Lock a call to get help. We can assist you with all of your residential locksmith needs, and we are here for you around the clock, so contact us today!