Houston TX Locksmith: 4 Lock Tips That All Successful Realtors Must Be Aware Of

Some realtors think that their job mainly involves finding the right property for their clients at the right prices. Although traditionally that might have been the main function of a realtor, your ultimate goal is actually to look out for the best interests of your clients while meeting their selling and buying needs. To do that successfully, there are 4 essential things that you need to know about locks. All houses have locks, and when locks are not secure, a home is not safe. A Houston TX locksmith has put together a list of things every realtor should always keep in mind in regards to safety locks for every residential property.

1. Are You Aware Of Rekeying Locks?

A majority of individuals know that it is a good idea to change their locks whenever they move into a new house, especially if someone else owned it previously. However, not too many people know that there are other ways to achieve this besides replacing the locks. It can be time-consuming and expensive to replace locks since it requires that completely new hardware be purchased and installed. Rekeying is a much more cost-effective and much simpler solution. Rekeying involves reconfiguring the inner mechanisms on a home’s existing locks, with new keys cut so that they match with the new configuration. The old keys are then completely useless, and your existing locks are just as secure as when they were new. Every realtor and the new homeowner should be aware of rekeying. Instead of just letting your clients know about rekeying, you instead can provide them with it. Rekeying is an ideal closing gift that is memorable, affordable, and practical. You will be able to leave quite the lasting impression on your clients if the gift that you give them is a more secure house. To ensure the safety of your clients and potential homeowners, make sure to visit with a Houston TX Locksmith today for assistance.

2. Strengthen Deadbolt Locks By 200%

Usually, deadbolts are considered to be an acceptable form of security on a majority of doors. However, if excessive force is exerted it is still possible for them to give away if it is strong enough where the screws are ripped out of the door frame. The key to increasing the deadbolt’s strength is to use stronger, longer screws since they are able to reach all of the ways down into the door frame’s studs to fortify doors against excessive force. When you ensure that the deadbolts of your clients are reinforced with more than simply the average screw, it will help to further protect their investment and will demonstrate that you are concerned for their well-being. If you do that clients will be very likely to remember you the next time they need a realtor to help them find a new house.

3. It Is Possible To Have One Key To Use For Everything?

Do any of your clients want to buy a second property? For those clients of yours that own multiple properties, rekeying can have an entirely new meaning. Just think about how simple it could be if all they needed was one key to use on the multiple properties that they own. Or perhaps they would like to have their grandmother or mother’s house rekeyed so that it uses the same key that their house does. They wouldn’t have to worry anymore about remembering to have the right key when they are heading out to their lake house and carry around a huge key ring and have to go through ten keys before the right one is found. With rekeying, you don’t need to get all of your locks replaced any longer to get them to work using the same key. A majority of locks can be reconfigured quite easily to match a key, which eliminates any hassle or confusion that is caused by having to manage multiple keys for several properties. This is a very useful tip to be aware of for realtors, so you can pass along this information to your clients so that they can avoid many of the potential frustration they can have with their keys. It is always a good idea to be a knowledgeable and reliable resource for your clients and help to form a better relationship with them, which can result in a lot of return business for you. If you are wanting to recommend the best Houston TX locksmith, then let your clients know about Popalock.

4. Decode Locks Without Keys

Do any of your clients or you have locks that don’t have matching keys? At times you will encounter locks in a house that don’t have keys. That can be quite frustrating for a new owner who needs to have access to whatever the lock is protecting. During the moving process, keys also tend to be misplaced, and at times they don’t ever show up again. Keys for things such as garage doors, utility boxes, cabinets, desks, and mailboxes have a way of wandering away, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your clients will need to install new locks on all of their possessions. Many people are not aware of the fact that locks may be decoded and that new keys can be made to replace lost ones. Licensed and certified locksmiths have the necessary tools for deciphering the code for a particular lock and then cut the key that can open it. That is useful knowledge that you can provide your clients with and save them lots of frustration, money, and time in case they lose their keys. Your clients rely on you as their realtor when they are looking for a new house. When you are knowledgeable about lock security and locks, you can ensure that your clients are able to find the right home and know how to secure it properly as well.

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Popalock loves working closely with realtors to help to ensure that their clients are taken care of well. We offer new homeowners affordable rekey services. We are also a full-service locksmith along with just rekeying, and can meet all of the locksmith needs that your clients have. A person’s home should be safe, and locks are where strong home security begins. To speak with an expert Houston TX Locksmith, make sure to contact us today by giving us call (713) 722-0060. Visit our blog for more related content.