There is nothing worse than getting home to your apartment after a long day of work, only to not be able to inside because you accidentally locked yourself out. Maybe you were rushing around in the morning and forget your keys or maybe you broke the key off and now it’s stuck in the lock. It doesn’t matter how you managed to do it, what really matters now is figuring out what you will do next.

locksmith in Houston Texas can help you. However, the best solution would be to not have locked yourself out in the first place. With that said, here are a few tips to help you reduce the risk of this happening.

1. Get A Spare Key

Get a spare key, which is easy to have made and it’s cheap. Apartment keys are not really high-security items, which means your local locksmith in Houston Texas will be able to make you a duplicate right away. You can give the spare key to someone you know.

It’s also a good idea to trade spare keys with your friend because this can come in handy if one of you are locked out. If you have a significant other or a roommate or kids, then give them the spare keys. Anyone who lives in the apartment should have a spare key.

2. Master Keys

Sometimes the landlord has a master key and this allows their employees to gain access to areas of the apartment when they have to perform work. Call your landlord and ask if they have a master key. Some landlords will have no problem letting you back in for free if it’s during business hours. If it’s after-hours, then they may not come to your apartment or they will charge a fee.

3. Check Other Entries

Have a look around the outside of your apartment. Check your window and see if it’s unlocked or go to the back and check if the back door is open. Check as many entries as you can and see if you can get back in, and if you can, then it may be worth upgrading your security.

4. Maintenance On Locks

Inspect your locks a few times per year to make sure they are working the way they should. If they are not, then let the landlord know, but it is rare for locks to stop functioning from out of nowhere. Just make sure you don’t ignore small problems because eventually, they will turn into bigger issues. It’s always a good idea to perform lock maintenance and take care of issues right away.

5. Upgrade Your Locks

If you forget your keys often and you would rather an easier way to get into your apartment, then upgrade your locks. There are many key-less locks you can choose from and they range from fingerprint scanners to number codes to cell phone activation, but before you do any upgrades, speak with your landlord. Some landlords will allow this, and some will not. Keep in mind that you will probably be responsible for paying for the upgrade.

6. Develop Better Habits

Develop better habits when it comes to your keys because you can usually avoid lockouts from happening. Clip your keys to something you always have with you and double check everything when you leave your place. Another good idea is to leave a sticky note on the bathroom mirror that reminds you to get your keys before you leave.

7. Find A Locksmith

You can find a locksmith in Houston Texas if you want to be let in as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to form a relationship with a locksmith because then you won’t feel pressured or anything like that. Find a local locksmith in Houston and build a relationship with them and then you can call them in the event you lock yourself out of your apartment.

Nobody likes being locked out of their apartment. The good news is taking a few steps can reduce your chances of this happening. If you lock yourself out, then you can contact a locksmith that you trust and this will make things a lot easier for you.

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