How to Get Back Into Your Vehicle After Locking the Keys Inside Of It

If you have accidentally left your keys inside the vehicle, you may not know what to do. The first thing you should do is think of how this situation happened in the first place. It makes more sense to figure out how it happened before you work on doing what you can to get the keys out of the vehicle. Knowing how you ended up locking them inside the car will help you figure out the correct steps you will need to take to retrieve your keys.

Not only does it help to know how you ended up in the situation so that you can get your keys back, it is also good to know this information because you are going to want to avoid doing the same thing again at another time. Most people will unintentionally leave their keys behind at some point. It is surely inconvenient, but it happens. For example, you may have been unloading items from your vehicle after just going on a shopping trip. You could have accidentally locked your keys in the car while unloading those items because you were worried about getting your bags in the house.

The way that you go about trying to retrieve your keys will depend on where you are at and what has happened. While there are some do-it-yourself ways to get the keys out of the vehicle, those methods are often time consuming. If you are dealing with an emergency and you need to get somewhere within a certain time period, reaching out to an emergency locksmith would likely be the best solution for you. However, there is more than one solution available.

Finding the Right Solution

The first thing you need to do is check if there is any way for you get back into your vehicle. It may not seem obvious in that moment when you are panicking and feeling frustrated, but one of the doors to your vehicle may be unlocked. Check the doors and see if any of them will open for you. By simply looking at your vehicle and checking everything out, you could potentially save yourself a huge headache as well as the money you would have had to spend on an emergency locksmith who would have to come out to your location to unlock the vehicle for you.

Not all vehicles are the same, but if you have the trunk of your car open and you have locked your keys inside the car, there might be a way for you to get back into the main section of the vehicle via the trunk. If you are not sure if that is going to be possible or not, you should quickly pull out your smartphone and look up some information on the make and model of your vehicle. While it works for some people, it is not the solution for everyone. If you cannot get into the main section of your car from the trunk, you are going to need to look for an entirely different solution to get those keys.

Advanced technology has made it far more convenient for individuals to get back into their vehicles after they have mistakenly locked their keys inside of them. For example, some cars come with remote features, allowing individuals to press a button to quickly unlock the car and then retrieve the key, which may be on the seat or even in the ignition.

There are a few different services that drivers can take advantage of when they need to gain access to their cars. Some of these services include OnStar and Viper. Different subscriptions are available for those looking to utilize such a convenient and beneficial service because you just never know when it is going to come in handy for you.

Important Things to Remember

There are certain things you simply need to remember when you are in such a frustrating situation and are stressing because you have locked the keys in the car. Look around to see if any of the other doors are currently unlocked because they just might be. If one of the windows is open a bit, you may be able to get your hand right through the window, quickly grabbing the keys. You could even place a grabber tool through the opening to grab the keys if your arm cannot fit through it.

Always remember to stay calm. It is not worth it to get worked up. If you stay calm, look around the car, and think of the different ways to retrieve your keys, you will get them out of the car without feeling so stressed over the situation.