There are a lot of home invasions that happen in this day and age. There are a lot of nice home security options, but sometimes they are not perfect in every situation. If you want to make sure you don’t have as many issues with criminals, use the following tips.

Don’t Hide Things In Obvious Places

Your goal is to keep someone out, but you also have to think of what it will take to keep a criminal from finding anything if they do get it. There are thieves that have seen it all, like a safe behind a painting or a dresser in the main bedroom of a home. What you should do is install a safe that is anchored so if they do find it, they have to do a lot more work to get away with it. One other thing to try is to store anything but weapons in a weird location like your child’s room or somewhere in the kitchen. A lot of thieves are out there that only look in the obvious places so it’s good to not use them.

Use Deterrents That Are Passive

You can buy home security signs to put on your home even if you don’t have a system because it acts as a deterrent. Another good idea is to get a sign that says to beware of dogs or lights that are sensitive to motion that turn on when people get near them. If you’re a woman that’s living alone, you can keep men’s shoes and a large dog dish near your front door to deter criminals. Know that most burglars are after targets that are easy and don’t want to go through a lot of trouble to get what they came for.

Make The Alarms Hidden

People usually install security alarms right inside of the door of a home. If they are near a window or a door with glass in it someone could shatter the glass and turn the alarm off. Your alarm will be more effective if it’s somewhere that can’t be reached until someone is in your house.

Don’t Keep Hidden Keys In Obvious Places

It may seem wise to put a key in a hidden rock or under a mat to make it easier to let the family in if they forget their keys. Burglars are aware of these tricks and they will always look around for hidden keys before breaking in so don’t let them find yours. Think about using a deadbolt that is keyless, give you a spare key to a neighbor that’s usually home, or find other ways to keep keys around that are not obvious. For those that have to hide theirs on their property, find a spot that is not that likely to be found out.

Vacation Tips

A lot of people know that when they go on a vacation, they have to set up the mail the right way so it gets held instead of letting it stack up at home. There are also people that do things that don’t make a lot of sense. If you set up a timer to do something like play music in the middle of the night when you’re sleeping usually, it will be a clear sign to a burglar that you’re not really there. Think carefully about what you do on a day to day basis and use technology so you can copy it.

You may not be able to guarantee yourself that you won’t be a victim of a burglar, you can still work with these tips and a security system to make your risks lower. Use what you learned here and hire the best locksmith in Houston so you can secure your home more.

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