The Best Front Door Locks From Houston Locksmiths

Top Front Door Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks play an essential part in securing buildings/structures. People mostly focus on deadbolts when looking for top locks to be used in securing their front door. The locks feature an extending bolt that goes into a hole drilled right into the door frame. A key is used to manipulate the locking mechanism, making the bolt go into the hole, or withdraw from the hole.

Single cylinder deadbolts allow the user to move the bolt in and out of place, when inside the building, through the action of a thumb-turn located on the interior side of the door. Instead of a mortise cylinder, standard deadbolt locks feature the use of a rim cylinder. With one representing the highest grade, over a range of 1-3, these locks are graded on their ability to stand up to forced entry. The security of your front door is provided by the deadbolt and not the keyed knob.

4. The Abloy Protec2 Deadbolt

As one of the high-quality disk detainer locks available, the Abloy Protec2 Deadbolt is considered to be a highly advanced option. To make it nearly impossible for even the most skillful locksport aficionado and professional locksmiths, the lock features false gates on each of the disks within it. To simulate the feeling associated with moving the disk to the right position, false gates featuring cuts on the internal disks are included in the design. In contrast to genuine gates, however, these false gates are designed to be shallower. Since the locks require rotation, instead of elevation to operate, bump keys cannot be successfully used to open them.

Criminals usually try to violently get the door open simply due to the fact that they are unable to pick these locks. Good luck with that! Hardened steel is used to make the lock’s faceplate. The bolt is designed to comfortably stand up to a force of up to two tons. Furthermore, cutting or drilling through the lock is bound to attract a lot of attention and be time-consuming in addition to requiring a number of blades and bits. The ball bearing mechanism, combined with a complicated key cut design will give anyone who intends to get past the lock using a copy of your original key a hard time. It’s simply not possible to find a blank key for this lock at your local hardware store.

Salient Features:

  • Very hard to pick even for the most skilled locksmiths
  • Use of a Bump Key Access Proof design
  • Key combination possibilities run into the billions
  • Fashioned from hardened steel
  • Key copying is restricted

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