Panic bars, also known as push bars or crash bars, are emergency safety devices installed on exit doors. Panic bars are particularly common in busy building such office buildings, banks, schools, hospitals, shopping centers movies theatres, malls, restaurants and many other facilities. They are particularly helpful for doors whose locks get deactivated in the event of power loss, and thus cannot be unlocked until the power comes back on.

Various Benefits Of Installing Panic Bars in Houston

The first major benefit that these emergency safety devices have is that it allows people to evacuate fast in case of an emergency, regardless is of the type of lock.

They also allow people to evacuate in an orderly manner as people can move out of the building without panicking and unimpeded. This is because the device negates the possibility of the exit clogging up as people try to move out of the building. By facilitating easy evacuation, panic bars reduce the chances of stampeded and the injuries that come with such occurrences.

Moreover, the panic bar models that come with built-in alarms are very effective in alerting emergency services or the security authorities if there are cases of unwanted entry attempts.

With this in mind, if you have not installed a panic bar in your facility, you ought to think about. Importantly though, you should also search for professional experienced Houston locksmith company to install these important emergency devices.

Panic Bar Installation Services in Houston

Keeping in mind that these devices truly transform the safety credential of your property, it is important that they are installed in the right manner. Only a professional Houston locksmith company suffices when it comes to installing properly. We have been installing panic bars in Houston businesses for years now and have naturally gained indispensable hands-on experience in their installation. Consequently, we offer other related services such as panic bar repair services and maintenance services, at affordable prices.

We also make a point of staying abreast with the current development in the panic bar market. With new and modern models being released with each passing, we appreciate that the large variety on the market might confuse our customers. By continuously researching the available models, we are in a position to advise our clients on the best models that will suit their security needs within their budget parameters.

Finally, we endeavor to provide professional client-centric services that meet and supersede our clients’ expectations. Our team of locksmiths are professionally trained, experienced, certified, and insured. Thus you can expect high-quality services from our team at all times; be it is a panic bar installation project, a repair project, or a maintenance project.

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