9 Best Locks From Residential Houston Locksmiths

Locks are very important and this is a fact. they not only help protect our property but also increase beauty due to the availability of many designs. Generally, having the best front door lock will go a long way to helping you achieve the highest level of protection. Criminals or thieves will attack or steal using the weakest part of your building’s security. Therefore, if your door is the weakest part of your home, then you will make it easy for criminals.

In order to get the most out of your front door lock simply means strengthening your doors, securing windows, and include other forms of security. Research shows that 34% of criminals use the front door, and as such, it is wise to have the best front lock system.

Best Smart Front Door Locks

It is important to note that smart lock systems are not designed to focus on security but convenience. Therefore, no matter the best front door lock system you prefer, it should still offer some sort of security. It does not matter if it is flexible in terms of limiting certain types of attacks or just a baseline form of your home’s defense, they all add up to security.

Security is in turn balanced against the features a majority of consumers want in their smart lock systems. There are many locks that you can open using your smartphone. However, you need the best that uses smart technology.

1. Yale Real Living

Yale Real Living is a quality and unique front door system and has earned its place at the top. The first thing you will notice about this system is that it is available with keyed lock cylinder as well as a key-less model. Although Yale is known for their relatively high-grade lock cylinders, their key-less versions are also excellent. One thing that makes a lock system secure is having one method of entry, which limits potential attacks.

The keyless version cannot be picked open but offers potential attack through the web (cyber-attack). At the same time, keyed lock versions can be opened with both lock picking tools and cyber-attack. Both versions have been featured with emergency battery ports that are intended to jumpstart the batteries if they die. Actually, this is a common issue with smart locks, and one of the reasons most Houston area locksmiths will tell you to stay away from them.

Smart locks are Z-wave compatible and will pair with your smartphone using Wi-Fi controls. This brand has improved on all failings known to smart locks and come up with a superior product. Truly they have made it because Yale is the leading brand with more sales.

Its Key Features:

• It comes with a 9-volt emergency battery jump-starting port
• They are available both with keyed cylinders and no key cylinders
• Used Z Wave Integration technology
• They can be operated using a smartphone or touchpad

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