Local Locksmith Gives Nine Methods to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock

4. The Probe and Pull Method – This method uses two everyday household objects to remove a broken key from your lock. The probe and pull method is a great option if you have the necessary tools. Luckily, these objects are often found in a bookbag or a purse.

The probe and pull method is totally about your technique. You will want to find two small objects that can slide along each side of your key. There are many options when it comes to the probe and pull the object. A piece of stiff wire, safety pins or bobby pins can be used to help you remove a broken key from a lock. The two items should be slid along the key and into the lock. When choosing an item to open the lock, you want an item that you do not mind bending.

Once both items are in the lock, turn your wrists inward and pull the objects towards you. The key usually doesn’t come out on the first try, but with a few tries, it should pull the key out a little at a time. Once the key is sticking out of the lock, you should be able to grab ahold of it using a pair of plier to remove it from the lock.

5. Get Our Key Out from Behind Your Lock – If you break off a key in a lock that has a removable cylinder, you got lucky. Rather than trying to remove the key by pulling it out of the lock, you can push it out of the lock from the backside of the lock.

For this method, you need something small that you can insert into the lock to push the key out. A paperclip or a bobby pin often works best. Remove the cylinder from the lock and insert the bobby pin or paperclip into the backside and push the key. You may need to jiggle the paperclip or bobby pin so that it comes in full contact with the key. Once you contact the key and give it a push, it should slide right out of the lock.

6. Use a Scissor Blade – This is not an ideal way to remove a broken key from a lock; however, it can work if it is the only tool that you have handy. You want a pair of scissors with a thin small blade for best results.

There are two different ways you can use a pair of scissors to remove a key. the first method involves sliding one blade of the scissors into the key similar to the way you would use an extractor tool. Then apply pressure to the key and slowly remove the blade from the door. This method may take several times to remove the key from the lock far enough for you to grab hold of it.

If the key is barely protruding from the lock, the following method may work. This method is similar to using needle nose pliers. Open up your scissors and then close them around the part of the key that is sticking out. Grasp the key firmly and slowly pull the key towards you, making sure that you keep the key level. This method may take a few times to get the key removed far enough from the lock so that you can grasp it with your fingers. Once it is out this far, it should be easy to remove the broken key from the lock.

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