Houston Locksmith: Tips For Changing Combination Locks Part 1

To get a combination lock changed, you need to have some general information first. Then you need to know what kind of lock you have. Not only if it is an electronic or mechanical lock, but also what kind of device the combination lock has been installed on, and the way that affects what has to be done in order to get the combination lock changed. For example, in order to change a safe digital, combination or another type of lock is going to be different than changing a door lock or padlock. Variation does matter. In fact, it matters to such an extent that a majority of the information may not be specific enough for your situation. However, the following is the best combination of specific and general information that can be combined together. The following are some general tips for changing combination locks that you might want to consider:

  • Take your time
  • Before you try changing the combination, open the lock first.
  • A specific kind of “reset tool” is needed for changing combination locks.
  • If anywhere along the way in the process you make any mistakes, wait, and then start over from the very beginning again.
  • Make sure the combination has been set before you re-lock the device.
  • After you change the safe combination, use the new combination to unlock the safe three times before you close the safe door.
  • Some safes cannot be changed using simple DIY methods and will need a safe Houston locksmith or safe tech of some sort to get the lock changed.
  • To find specific information on changing lock combination find out what kind of lock you have.

1. Changing a Safe Combination

Trying to deal with a safe combination is most likely the hardest method for changing a combination lock. The determining factor for how hard it will be is going to depend on whether or not it is a digital safe combination. The combination change protocols on mechanical dial locks are much more varied and tend to be more intricate compared to electronic safe combinations. When the safe combination is lost, unless the safe is open already, you will need help getting the safe open. It is one of the numerous situations where you are going to need to help from a Houston locksmith to get your safe open. Check for a section in your user manual for something “how to change the combination lock” or “change combination.”

2. Changing a Padlock Combination

You cannot change the combination on every single combination padlock. When it comes to modern combination padlocks, numerous companies have built the feature into their new product designs. However, with older combination locks, basically, you’re stuck with the original combination. Once again, it will vary. In order to find out whether your lock is an exception to this rule, look up your model number and brand. If you can’t find the model number on the lock, go online and search through product listings or images of combination padlocks that show the brand name. When it is possible to change the combination on a padlock, usually it will be a straightforward process. Since the locks are made for mass market purposes, the combination changes have been designed to be simple (since that is what a majority of consumers want to have). That does impair the security of the padlock, which is why combination locks aren’t considered to be the best all-time padlocks.

3. Changing a Door Lock Combination

Any door lock with a combination always will have a way for changing the combination on it. There will be a specific process for changing the combination lock on the door lock (just like all other types of locks). The most variance will be seen on these types of devices, including modern keypad door locks. Whenever you have a residential door lock to deal with, the process for changing the combination will be less complicated compared to the process on commercial locks. When you need to change a commercial locks’ door lock combination, most likely you will need help from a commercial Houston locksmith. In a tricky situation where you are unable to figure out how to get a combination lock changed, you may also need help from a residential Houston locksmith.

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