Houston Car Locksmith: Tips For Getting Back Inside A Car After Locking Yourself Out

Having a spare key might not seem like a big deal until the time comes when you actually need to have one. If you have ever locked yourself out of either your car or house or had your keys stolen or lost them, then you know how embarrassing and hard it can be to get the door open. You can call a Houston car locksmith for help. But you might also want to know how you can get your car door open without a key. The following are a couple of methods that can help you get a door unlocked.

How To Unlock A Car Door When You Don’t Have The Key

Locking mechanisms on various kinds of cars vary a lot. All of the newer models of vehicles come with power locks and are opened by using a remote control. However, old cars only open manually. There are also some cars that have a locking knob that is located on the inside top of the car door next to the window, while it is near the handle on other cars. Before you keep reading this article, be sure you know exactly where the to unlock mechanism is on your car door, on both the exterior and interior of the car door. That will determine which of the following methods you will want to try out.

1. Unlocking A Car With Shoestring

When I first saw someone using this method, I couldn’t believe it. It sounded way too good to be true. However, a shoestring is the easiest car-opening tool that you’ll probably have no matter where you are. Unfortunately, the method will only work on a locking mechanism that pulls up to unlock it. Tie a loop in the center of the shoelace, so that when it is put around the door’s locking mechanism, it can be tightened. Take the shoestring and work it inside the car through space whether the car’s exterior and door meet. Then hook the shoestring around the lock, tighten its loops, and the pull up on the string. It might take you more than one try if it’s your first attempt, however, it should still work. We have locksmiths available for commercial lockouts as well.

2. Coat Hanger

One method I am very familiar with is using a coat hanger. I remember when I was a kid watching my father use a coat hanger to get his car unlocked. It did take him quite a long time, but eventually, he did get it unlocked and saved him from having a call a locksmith and most likely around one hundred dollars. You will need to have a wire hanger that can be untwisted and the create a hook to get inside of the window’s weather stripping. You then need to jiggle it until you are able to locate the locking mechanism. That might take a while, but when you are desperate it can be worth it. If you have your phone with you, you could try to google the door locking mechanism on your car to see where the hanger should be aimed.

3. Screwdriver & A Rod

You just need 30 seconds, a steel rod, and head screwdriver. Any sturdy and long pole-like instrument can be used, depending on what kind of junk you happen to have around, you might be able to find something. The screwdriver is used to slightly pry the door open, and then stick your rod in to push the unlock button to release it.

4. Slim Jim

I’m not talking about beef jerky here. Most likely you have seen a slim jim used many times by thieves in movies for car break-ins, however, it isn’t only done in Hollywood – it does actually work. This method required you to have an older style of car lock. The slim jim is inserted into the car door’s interior the way you use the coat hanger wire, and work the locking mechanism that is on the inside of the car door. If you are needing a locksmith for your residence contact Popalock today.

5. Inflatable Wedge

When an inflatable wedge is used it can help to prevent the car paint from getting damaged since air is used to force open the door instead of a screwdriver or other metal object. The wedge creates enough space for an access tool to be inserted, such as a rod or stick, or coat hanger, and then you just need a steady hand and some patience to pull or push on the unlock button.

Houston Car Locksmith

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