There is no doubt that valet parking services offer a great deal of convenience, particularly if you are attending a time-sensitive appointment or business meeting. The time that can be saved by having someone else park your vehicle is often significant. However, there are risks involved with allowing a stranger to have access to your vehicle. Personal belongings and important information kept within the car could be stolen at a moment’s notice, including your home address as listed on vehicle registrations or insurance certificates.

Of course, if you are in possession of a valet key, there is no need to worry about such things. Many may wonder what a valet key actually is. Is it possible for such a key to reduce the hazards of giving car keys to someone you do not know? In essence, a valet key is a specialized key made to unlock vehicle doors and start vehicle engines, but which does not give access to other secure areas of the car including the trunk or glove compartment. With a valet key, a parking professional will be able to operate and park your vehicle easily and safely.

Valet Key Safety Guidelines

It is always important to remember that keys of any sort should only be provided to professional valets, not individuals posing as them. A full set of keys that includes house keys should not be given to valet drivers. Should your car not use transponder-type keys, it may be wise to avoid using valets at all, because conventional keys can be easily duplicated.

Care should always be taken to avoid leaving personal documents or costly items inside a car or in the line of vision of anyone who may enter it. If taking such things with you is impractical, think about keeping them locked in the glove compartment or the trunk.

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