Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Remote Keyless Entry System

A remote keyless entry system is one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle. This system makes it possible to unlock and lock your car from a distance without necessarily having to use a key. The transmitter is capable of sending lock and open signals from a safe distance. The keyless feature comes in handy when trying to lock or unlock your car when it is dark or raining outside. It is very practical and relatively easy to use. Although most modern vehicles come with keyless entry systems already installed, older vehicles only have the traditional key and lock system. Installing a keyless entry system in your car is however easy and straightforward. You don’t necessarily have to upgrade to newer car models just to enjoy the advanced security features. With several remote keyless entry systems to choose from, several factors should be considered to select the best system for your liking. These systems aren’t built or designed the same, which is why you need to have an idea of exactly what you need to pick the best one. Outlined below is a step by step guide on how to choose/buy a keyless entry system for your car. At Pop-A-Lock Houston we want to make sure you know just what you’re getting into when you consider installing such a system.

Step 1: Choose between single-door and multi-door keyless system

Both of these systems have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, a single-door entry system only controls the driver’s door. The multi-door system, on the other hand, controls all available doors including the trunk. You can also go for multi-door entry systems that make it possible to unlock or lock the desired door. Although single-door keyless entry systems are much safer, a multi-door one is more convenient and helpful in certain situations.

Step 2: Choose between the standard and pager model

The standard keyless system is designed to unlock and lock the vehicle’s doors, as well as the alarm system is installed. The pager model, on the other hand, does more than just lock and unlock your car. It transmits vital data about your vehicle, such as battery voltage and the temperature inside, all these are displayed on the pager. The pager also has a car locator and panic button on it as well.

Step 3: Do you need an alarm system

Remote keyless entry systems come with an optional built-in alarm system. You can, therefore, choose between an alarm or no alarm for your keyless entry system. Investing in one with an alarm would, however, be a wise idea in that, the alarm sounds if the doors are forced open in any other way aside from the remote transmitter. The alarm feature provides an added layer of security for your car. Some people may, however, opt not to have this feature included. Most remote keyless entry systems come with a panic button already installed. Pressing the panic button sounds the alarm, which can come in handy when in a stressful situation.

Step 4: Transmitter Range

As mentioned earlier, remote keyless entry systems are built differently. This can be seen with the varying ranges in which the transmitter can be used. Some of these systems have transmitters capable of transmitting a few meters, while some will offer an even farther range. Long range transmitters, however, cost more money when compared to short range ones. Consider your options before choosing either of the two. Take your parking tendencies into consideration when deciding on the comfortable range for the keyless entry system. It is worth noting that, a long-range keyless system will drain the battery faster than short range ones. Long range systems are however more practical in most instances.

Step 5: Consider how many transmitters you need

Experts recommend having at least 2 remote keyless entry transmitters for your car. You can have one with you, and the other as a backup should you misplace the first. You may, however, need more if more than people drive the car. Investing in more than 2 transmitters would be recommended for such instances.

Pro Tip:

Some manufacturers may provide you with several of these transmitters at the same price. Shop around for manufacturers offering these for the best deal

Step 6: Compare Manufacturers

With numerous keyless entry system manufacturers out there, you should consider looking into several of them for comparison purposes. Don’t just look into the price factor when comparing this system, but reliability, reputation, and warranty as well. Be sure to read customer reviews and testimonials before making the final decision.

Final step: Have the system installed by an experienced technician

Only a well-trained and experienced mechanic should be allowed to fix the system in your car. This is because the system requires wiring and other bits only a professional can handle expertly. Some of the expensive remote keyless entry systems are the best you can get. You, however, need to look into the system’s integrity and practicality before spending any dollars on it. Any additional features offered is an added advantage for your vehicle.

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