Losing your keys is a common behavior. So common, in fact, that the only logical conclusion is that people are deliberately trying to lose their keys. Although many key-losers manage to succeed in this behavior without any strategy, these top 3 tips may help you improve your track record.

1. Lay the foundation.

A disorganized house is a much easier place in which to lose your keys. If you’re tidying up and you’re not sure where something goes, just pick it up and move it to another spot. Better yet, don’t tidy up at all.

2. Mix it up.

Put your keys down somewhere different every time you come home. A pile of papers, a fruit bowl or on the couch are all excellent hiding places. To make things even more unpredictable, just leave your keys in your pocket or purse every now and then.

3. Self-enable carelessness.

When you start losing your keys all the time, just have a few extra copies made and leave those around the house. You can also leave your front door unlocked, and leave your car key in the ignition. This will reinforce careless behavior and ensure that you don’t have to change your habits.

If you are lucky, you will soon reap the benefits of carelessness. These include having to open a monthly savings account just to cover the cost of extra keys and locksmiths, being chronically late, and being the victim of a home break-in or a car theft.

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