Houston Locksmith: How To Safely Break Into Your Vehicle Part One

If you have locked your keys inside of your vehicle you might need to break-in in order to get them out. You can use a slim metal tool or coat hanger to get a locked car door open. It is fairly easy to lock yourself out of your car, and if your key gets locked inside of the car or is lost without having a spare handy, then you will have a real problem. At times, individuals are forced to use extreme measures in order to recover their keys that are locked inside of their car, and some will even smash one of the windows to get in. Tempered glass has been treated so that it shatters into thousands of pieces whenever it is broken. That way, in an accident there won’t be big shards of glass that fly around. If you know the proper way to break into a vehicle then you can avoid all of the costs and hassles of having to break a window open and cleaning up all of the glass shards. You can try out a couple of techniques since you don’t need to have any special equipment or previous locksmithing experiencing to do them. You will usually have the option to call a professional Houston locksmith expert, but there might not be a professional locksmith who is available close by or you might need to wait a long time.Car locksmiths are very important.

Method 1: Unlock A Door From The Inside Of A Car With Manual Locks

Use a tool as a wedge (a powerful airbag is used by professional) to open the top of the car door just wide enough so that a metal rod can be placed around the locking pan and pull up the pin to unlock the door. It is very important that the technique that is used addresses the specific kind of lock on the car.

Step One – Use A Tool Or Wedge

Use your tool or wedge to hold the space of the door. Use something thin to open a gap up at the top part of the door, in between the body of the car and the window or door frame.

Step Two – Slide Tool In The Door Gap

Slide your tool in the door gap. Then wedge your tool into the space that is in between the car’s body and the top part of the door that is on the side the is opposite the hinge (that corner is one the will put out the most). Use your finger to pull open space so that there are is more space to put the tool through.

Step Three – Insert Tool Until Visible

Continue to insert your tool until it becomes visible. Work the tool carefully down and into space until you can see it through the car window.

Step Four – Create A Hook

Create a hook. Fashion a hook or tool for grabbing the locking pin. Use whatever is on hand. A clothes hanger works quite well.

Step Five – Use Hook To Open Lock

Use the hook to open the lock. Use your wedge and open a space up that is big enough for fitting the tool inside the car. Use the tool to grab onto the door’s locking pin and then pull up until it unlocks the door.

Method 2: From The Inside, Unlock A Car Door That Has Automatic Locks

The steps for getting the top part of the car door away from its body are exactly the same as those used with manual locks – just use a long, thin tool like a wedge to create a space. Then take another tool and use it for pressing on the “unlock” button. When it comes to automatic locks, how difficult it is to unlock one from the outside is determined by how difficult or easy it is pulling the door away from the body of the car and where the switch or button controlling the locks is located.

Step One – How Are The Car Locks Activated?

Determine how the locks on the car are activated. There are several different ways that automatic locks can be activated. Check to whether the car’s unlock button is on the driver’s side or the central console.

Step Two: Press On Car Button

Create a loop or hook tool to press on the button. There are some automatic locks that come with a basic button located on the driver’s side armrest, and a tool like a straight metal rod may be used in order to reach this button and unlock the door by pressing on it. If it isn’t easy to access the button or it is a switch, then you might need a tool to look or hook at the end. The best technique to figure out what works is trial-and-error.

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