Though we wish it weren’t true, there comes a time in most car owners’ lives when they find themselves locked out of their vehicle – whether they’ve locked the key inside or lost it altogether. When you’ve locked yourself out, the best thing you can do is call a professional locksmith. However, if you’re in a huge time pinch or need to access something important inside your vehicle, you may be tempted to break in.

Luckily, there are some methods you can use to attempt breaking into your vehicle. One method you should avoid is breaking a window. Modern cars use tempered glass which is treated so that it will shatter into thousands of pieces upon impact. This prevents large shards of glass from causing damage in the event of a car accident. However, if you break the glass in an effort to gain entry to your vehicle, you’ll only be creating a big, dangerous mess. It is especially important to avoid breaking glass when there is someone locked inside the vehicle.

If there is ever a person locked inside of your vehicle, call 911 and PALSavesKids immediately. PALSavesKids prevent and rescue children who are locked inside vehicles. We will unlock your car free of charge to ensure your child’s safety. Otherwise, here are some helpful strategies to help you unlock your car safely.

Unlocking a Car Door With Manual Locks

Step One – Use a Tool Or Wedge

If you’re locked out of your car, odds are you won’t have many tools to work with. long, thin tool like a wedge  Try and find a wedge or another tool you can use to create a thin opening at the top part of the door frame and the window. A professional locksmith would use a powerful air bag, but any tool you can find to safely create a thin gap in the window will work.

Step Two – Use a Hook

Next, insert a small metal rod like a clothes hanger through the open space in the window. Ideally, you can bend the clothes hanger or other metal object to create a hook. This will make it significantly easier to pull up the locking pin and unlock the door.

Unlocking a Car Door With Automatic Locks

Step One – Use a Tool or Wedge

The steps for getting the top part of the car door away from its body are exactly the same as those used with manual locks – just use a long, thin tool like a wedge to create a space. 

Step Two – How Are The Car Locks Activated

Determine how the locks on the car are activated. There are several different ways that automatic locks can be activated. Check whether the car’s unlock button is on the driver’s side or the central console.

Step Three: Press On Car Button

Create a loop or hook tool to press on the button. There are some automatic locks that come with a basic button located on the driver’s side armrest, and a tool like a straight metal rod may be used in order to reach this button and unlock the door by pressing on it. If it isn’t easy to access the button or it is a switch, then you might need a tool to look or hook at the end. The best technique to figure out what works is trial-and-error.

The quickest and safest way to unlock your car door is with the help of a professional locksmith. Though you can attempt to safely unlock the car yourself, you likely won’t have the right materials available. Plus, without the proper experience and tools, unlocking a car door with these methods requires a lot of patience. Your local Pop-A-Lock is always ready to help and will dispatch a locksmith to your location as soon as possible.