Dealership or Locksmith: Which One Should I Trust For Replacing My Car Keys?

One of the worst ways to finish a long day of hiking or shopping is to return to your car and suddenly realize either your keys don’t work or you have lost them. Giving an extra set of keys to a trusted relative or friend can help prevent you having any major delays, but having a reputable mobile car locksmith to call can also. You may also need to replace your keys if they are dropped down your garbage disposal by your toddler, they are thrown away in the garbage accidentally, or for many other different reasons. It can be surprising how frequently you need to have extra car keys. When you need them, you might think that the dealership where you purchased your vehicle is the first place to call for replacement keys. However, the better option is often to call a commercial Automotive Locksmith Houston.

Automotive Locksmith Cost

When going through an auto locksmith you will pay a lot less money to replace your car keys compared to going to the dealership. Dealerships are notorious for having very high prices for their services, for almost everything, including even for basic services such as getting your oil changes or rotating your tires. Just think how inflated the prices are going to be on procedures that are more technical such as replacing transponder keys or cutting new car keys. The better choice is almost always an Automotive Locksmith Houston to have your car keys replaced.


When an Automotive Locksmith Houston comes to your location to cut keys right on the spot, that is much more convenient than needing to schedule an appointment at your car dealership and then having to wait to receive service. It may take weeks in order to determine a good time that will work for both your schedule as well as the dealerships. If the dealership happens to be far away, you might need to take even more of your time just driving there and back. However, when you use a mobile car locksmith, all you need to do is call them, and then the locksmith will come out as soon as they can. You can receive mobile key making services any time that you need, as long as you call the right car locksmith.

Equipment Needed

You might be worried that calling a locksmith won’t always give you the service that you need for all different kinds of keys. Maybe you link a locksmith will not have the equipment needed for making specialty keys. However, the truth is that experienced locksmiths have the necessary equipment for replacing the keys for nearly every vehicle make and model. In addition, they have the equipment for replacing and repairing ignition switches and door locks. So if you are unsure whether you should head to the dealership or hire a locksmith due to questions regarding equipment, it is not a problem so you don’t need to worry about it.

Automotive Locksmith Houston and Technology

Car keys these days are not basic shapes of metal pieces. There is technology encode inside of them to improve the vehicle’s security. Some keys contain chips that are programmed in order to match a specific car. You might think that having a car with a specialty key means that you would need to go to the car dealership for the advanced technology to be dealt with. However, the best mobile locksmiths have the appropriate technology for programming any kind of car key. They are able to replicate keys that have chips in them as well as fobs and transponders.

Car Dealership Vs. Automotive Locksmith Houston Services

Typically any service you can receive from a car dealership you can also receive from mobile auto locksmiths. The best option for replacing car keys ultimately is going to depend on what is most important for you. Perhaps you prefer visiting the dealership, or maybe you like the convenience and cost savings that can be offered by Popalock. Popalock is a trustworthy and reputable Automotive Locksmith Houston company. Automotive Locksmith Houston professionals specialize in mobile key making, ignition repairs, and lock replacements. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, and work on all vehicle makes and models. Give us a call if you need to have your car keys replaced or are in need of an Automotive Locksmith Houston expert to perform lock or ignition replacement or repair work.

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