Broken Key Extractions: How Houston TX Locksmiths Handle Them

If you break a key off in a lock, all is not lost. This is a problem most professional locksmiths in Houston TX know how to fix. In fact, you might not even need a locksmith if the break leaves behind enough of a stub to grasp. The broken portion of the key might be pinched between the fingers and extracted by hand. When a key breaks off flush with the face of the lock or very close to it, homeowners shouldn’t attempt to extract the key themselves. If you find yourself in this situation and attempt to solve it yourself, you may end up pushing the remains further into the lock and making the fix considerably more difficult. If you find yourself in a difficult situation and do not know what to do, it may be time to hire a locksmith in Houston Tx.

Needle Nose Pliers For Broken key Extractions

Needle nose pliers may enable you to take a firm grasp on a broken key and extract it even if it is barely protruding from a lock. Bear in mind that this fisk is riskier and may cause the sort of damage mentioned above. If you do not have needle nose pliers or do not feel comfortable attempting your own repairs, you should call a professional locksmith to fix your broken key. This should also be your next step if close examination reveals that the broken key is flush with the surface of the lock or broken off inside the lock’s body. When a locksmith attacks the problem of extracting a broken key from a lock, the first step will be to lubricate the lock’s moving parts. This is done because broken keys are virtually always caused by damage, wear, and tear that makes the lock difficult to operate. This damage can affect the lock itself, the key, or possibly both components. Ample lubrication solves this part of the problem and makes it easier to extract a broken key. Our professional locksmiths use specifically-formulated products designed expressly for lock lubrication in order to deliver the best possible results without causing any further damage to moving parts.

Removing Broken Key Extractions

For most broken key extraction jobs, our locksmiths rely on tools specifically built to remove broken keys. These typically slide into a lock’s keyway and engage with the cuts on the broken key to gain purchase. Professional expertise comes into play here, as the locksmith needs to pick the right tool and insert it to the right depth before proceeding with the extraction. Experienced locksmiths gauge these factors based on the make and model of the specific lock they’re working on and by examining the remains of the key to determine how much of it is stuck in the lock’s keyway. When the broken key extraction tool has engaged firmly with the grooves on the key (known in the industry as its bitting), gentle pressure will be used to back the broken piece of the key out of the lock. This process calls for significant delicacy and skill. Please be patient with your locksmith during this part of the key extraction process. Remember, the goal is not to extract the key as quickly as possible but to remove it safely without causing any damage to the lock. After clearing your lock’s keyway, our locksmith will be happy to use the broken pieces of the old key to cut a new one for you. It’s a smart idea to ask for multiple copies when this is done; homeowners can always make use of spare keys. It’s always best to entrust a broken key problem to a professional locksmith because an experienced craftsman has the best chance of resolving the issue without causing any further damage.

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