Saving Money On Locksmith Services In Houston Texas: Priceless

There are actually a few different services that fall under the general term of “lock change,” and that is one of the major reasons that quoted costs between two different lock change jobs can vary greatly. When figuring out what a good cost should be, it is important to understand not only what specific service you are receiving but also the various common factors that affect the price of these very important and common services.

When it comes to “lock change” keep in mind that there are true lock changes, but there is also re-keying a lock or lock repair, which are two related but distinctly different services. If you really need a full lock change that means the old lock is completely and totally removed from a door while a new one is brought in and properly installed.

This article is going to focus on the common cost variances that occur with an actual lock change so you know how to find a locksmith company Houston Texas residents can trust!

#1: Who Is Your Installer?

A professional installer costs more, but you should still consider this even if you are a DIY specialist. Many locksmiths report seeing contractors often putting in a deadbolt that looks good but is installed incorrectly. The result? You can still kick in the door and they are not secure. A pro locksmith will be able to give an accurate quote and then install it correctly the first time.

Professionals in an area often have similar rates, but you still might want to do a little bit of shopping and if you have a specific company or brand in mind then you might want to see if they have a certified professional in the area. If the new lock is different in size than the old lock there might be a little bit more in work fees, but going with a professional will let you know that the job is done right and your door is secure. Keep all this in mind when comparing prices and then making the proper decision for you.

#2: Lock Security Level

Let’s face it: there’s a major difference between all the various locks out in the market. They’re not all equal in quality! While this isn’t 100% true, a general rule of thumb is that the more premium the lock is, the more expensive it will be. This makes sense. On average stronger and more complicated locks using premium materials are going to fetch a premium price.

#3: What Type Of Door Do You Need A Lock Change For?

Different doors require different types of locks, as well as different levels of security. This can affect everything from lock type to the type of materials used, to the design and difficulty of installation or replacement. Once again as a rule of thumb you’ll find that locks for exterior doors are going to be more heavy duty and require more money than the same service for interior doors.

#4: What Upgrades Are You Requesting?

Finally, the level of upgrade is going to have a major impact on the overall cost, as well. If you are only looking for a basic change out then that isn’t likely to be as expensive as jumping up to a keyless deadbolt or an alarm system that requires any type of biometric security measure. What you’re looking for with this particular lock service is going to make a major difference in the final bill.

If you keep these four important factors in mind you’ll be able to quickly and confidently see that we are a locksmith company Houston Texas residents can count on and we’ll be glad to serve you as well!

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