Deadbolt locks have a long history of providing protection for homes and businesses alike, it may in fact, be one of the many keys you work with along the span of your life. Due to advancements in technology, however, standard deadbolts are now somewhat outdated, having been replaced by keyless deadbolts. These deadbolts are designed to allow keyless entry, eliminating many of the problems that are commonly associated with standard deadbolt locks. For instance, with a keyless entry system, lost keys are no longer an issue.

The Advantages Of Keyless Deadbolts Installation in Houston

Keyless deadbolts offer a range of benefits over other types of locks including the following:

Convenient Access

  • No need to worry about lost keys. One of the biggest problems with standard deadbolts is that they can’t be opened without a key. That means that if you lose your keys, you will have to contact one of the many Houston locksmith services to help you get into your property. With a keyless system, you don’t have to worry about lost or stolen keys since you don’t need a key to open the lock.
  • Lower ongoing expenses. With a keyless deadbolt, you don’t need to waste money having new keys made or replacing a lock because of lost keys.
  • Convenient access. Accessing your property is easy. All that you have to do is type a special code into a keypad or enter it using a touchscreen. This is a great option for people who may not be able to hold onto keys to open a traditional lock.
  • More control over who accesses your property. Most keyless entry systems allow you to create temporary codes that can be used for granting access on a limited basis. For instance, you can give a temporary code to someone who is going to bring in your mail or water your plants while you are on vacation. That eliminates the need to give other people keys to your property.
  • * Increased safety. If you believe that someone has discovered the code to your lock, all that you have to do is change it.

Extra Benefits

The primary benefits of keyless deadbolts are that they are extremely convenient to use and that they provide superior security. There are, however, additional features that you can add to enjoy even more benefits. Some of those features include the following:

  • Integrated alarms
  • Remote access using Wi-Fi technology
  • Integration with home security systems and home automation systems
  • The ability to receive automated alerts anytime the door is locked or unlocked

Important Information About Keyless Deadbolts

In order to keep your property secure, you should regularly change your access code. You should also make sure that the system has backup batteries installed. That way, you won’t get locked out if your property loses power. Make sure that you only give your password to trusted friends or family members. If you share your code with anyone for temporary access, be sure to change it at a later date.

Installing A Keyless Deadbolt

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